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Vivo X90 Pro+ Specs Leaked | Introducing 50MP Sony IMX989

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 flagship chip was officially released on the 8th of this month, and Vivo later officially announced that it would be the first to launch this flagship chip. It is expected that the first Dimensity 9200 mobile phone will be the Vivo X90 series.

According to the blogger @WHYLAB, this time the Vivo X90Pro+ will have a huge upgrade in the image, with 4 rear cameras and an overall improvement in telephoto capability.

Vivo x90 Pro

According to the blogger, the Vivo X90 Pro+ will be equipped with a 50MP Sony IMX 989 main camera, complemented by a 48MP ultra wide-angle lens (Sony IMX598), a 50MP portrait lens (Sony IMX758), and a 64MP telephoto lens (Howie OV64B).

As the flagship image chip, Sony IMX989 has a 1-inch super large Sensor. Compared with iPhone 13 Pro Max, Sony IMX989 has 72% more light-sensitive area and 76% more light-sensitive capability, while the photo speed is increased by 32.5% and the boot speed is increased by 11%.

VIvo V2 chip

Not only that, but Vivo X90Pro+ will also debut Vivo’s own research chip V2, with Vivo Zeiss optical super division algorithm, the new phone’s telephoto capability is fully improved, and can retain the original clarity information of the shooting image.

Vivo x90

In addition, for sports events, the new phone has increased ultra-clear ultra-fast sports capture function, shutter delay as low as 30ms, and shooting sports Scenes imaging is still clear.

Vivo x90 pro sports capture shot

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