10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation

10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation

With over 2.4 billion people viewing YouTube monthly in 2022, and each of them viewing at least 10 videos daily, YouTubers are getting massive exposure on the internet. However, we have countless YouTuber users who have been uploading content for years and still struggle to get any views. The problem encompasses the lack of unique content creation for YouTube, poorly optimized content, and many other reasons.

We will enlighten you on how to grow your YouTube channel. These are 100% proven YouTube tips and tricks. So, let’s get started.

Reasons for Not Getting Views

  • No unique content
  • No optimized content (SEO)
  • Lengthy videos
  • Boring thumbnail
  • Boring title
  • Irritating / not clear voice-over
  • No categorizing of content in chapters
  • Content that no one wants to watch

Tips & Tricks To Improve Your YouTube Content | Sky-Rocket Your YouTube Channel Growth

1) Unique Content For YouTube | Your First Priority

Put as many filters, animations, or transitions in your video, still no one will be watching your content. Why? Because your content may already be there covered by many YouTubers. So, why not go for some unique content for YouTube?

Got a hydraulic press? Try putting an oreo under it. Live near a huge dam? Toss things from the top. Own a shop? Review your products and inform the audience about their prices. Have a 3D printer? Try printing unique models. Play games? Stream how you do it or record online video to post them later.

Even if there’s a niche already on YouTube, try thinking about how you can perform better than others.

Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - Uniquess

2) Always Try To Be The First To Publish A Content

This implies content that can be covered by multiple YouTubers. These include product reviews like smartphones, watches, earbuds, etc. Even if you think your unique idea can later be copied by someone else:

Be The First One To Make It LIVE!

The reason for posting as soon as possible is to gain the top spot on YouTube search rankings. So, until someone else posts better content than you, you will be there at no.1 and getting most of the views.

3) Do Some Keywords Research | Geek Alert!

If your channel has a particular niche, try finding keywords related to that. Keywords are search terms that the audience of that particular niche searches. The traffic that comes from such keywords is called organic traffic.

Another one of YouTube Tips and Tricks: Not only search for keywords used on YouTube only but also Google search engine so that your audience can also come from search engine searches as well.

Some keywords researching tools for YouTube Content Creation

  1. Keywordtool.io (website): Free and Paid. The free version has keyword research available on all channels, categorized according to the most typed keywords.
  2. Keywords Everywhere (Chrome extension): Free and Paid. The free version shows the keywords targeted on a certain YouTube video.
  3. Keyword Surfer (Chrome extension): Free and Paid. Similar to the above extension but has more features in the free version. Good for finding keywords in Google search engine with CPC and selection of country.
10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - Keyword Research

4) Optimize Your Content | YouTube SEO

How does relevant content appear on YouTube when you search for a keyword? Why do certain videos rank differently? This is what we call SEO (search engine optimization). Like websites need to be optimized for SEO, YouTube videos also need to be optimized.

YouTube Content SEO | What Needs To Be Done?

  1. While creating and editing content, make sure that your video can be distinguished into sections. You can check our list of the world’s best video editors.
  2. Your Video File Renamed To Your Keyword
  3. An Exciting Video Title With The Keyword Included Naturally (< 70 characters)
  4. Adding Description to your video of what it is about and other details (recommended at least 200 words, add the most important details in the first 100 to 150 characters)
  5. Add at least 3 timestamps in the video’s description starting from 0:00 with each timestamp at least 10 seconds long. This is what allows chapters to be shown on the scrubber bar.
  6. Using Video Tags related to your uploaded content
  7. Categorizing video after uploading
  8. Use of Custom Thumbnail
  9. Adding an SRT file for subtitles (optional)
  10. Set cards (up to 5) on every video you upload

An Example of YouTube Content SEO

I have a new Honor Magic 4 Pro and I need to do a hands-on it:

  1. Editing Video: Divided into 5 sections (design, display, hardware, battery, and camera)
  2. Upload: Honor Magic 4 Pro hands-on.mp4
  3. Title: Meet The World’s Best Camera Phone | Honor Magic 4 Pro
  4. Description: We have already gotten our hands-on on the recently released Honor Magic 4 Pro. This hands-on includes a brief explanation of the design, display, hardware, battery, and camera.
  5. Add timestamp: 0:00 Introduction, 0:20 Unboxing, 1:00 Design etc. (add on separate lines)
  6. Tags: Honor, Huawei, Honor Magic 4 Pro, Smartphone, mobile phone, phones, the best camera phone, hands-on.
  7. Category: Smartphones/Consumer Electronics
  8. Honor-Magic-4-Pro-Spanish.srt
  9. Cards: Best Gaming Phone For PUBG Mobile | ROG Phone 6 Pro, Why We No Longer Have Metal Back….. and so on
YouTube SEO Checklist

5) Make It Short & To The Point | Say NO To Lengthy Videos

Unless your video is a detailed review or tutorial of something, don’t make your videos extra long. No one likes it. According to Social Media Examiner, video lengths ranging from 7-15 minutes perform the best on YouTube.

For a short video, after the channel introduction animation, reach the main topic as quickly as possible. Even if you create a long video, the audience will scroll to the moment of answer.

If a video is too short:

  1. Try adding some animations
  2. Try adding an introduction transition and ending (for all your videos)
  3. Try adding a bonus content
  4. Try questioning the audience

If a video is too long:

  1. Remove extra content (loading, downloads, installs, etc.)
  2. Increase transition, pan and zoom, and animation speed
  3. Skip the long intro and make it short

Mostly, YouTubers have a hard time reaching even 7 minutes of video. So, you might not expect a video to get too long.

Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - No Long Content

6) An Attractive Thumbnail | Urge To Click Now

Do you know that most of the YT audience clicks a video even before reading the title? This is the power of a custom thumbnail. Even if you have a boring title, yet, an attractive thumbnail is sometimes all that you need.

Getting into details, a thumbnail with a face on it and some colorful background creating a good contrast is way more stunning than a simple black and white thumbnail with some fonts. Well, judge yourself.

10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - Custom Thumbnail

7) Make The Title Engaging

Oh, another one from the YouTube SEO. Similar to the thumbnail, the title of the video creates a second impression on the audience and that is why the title of the video must be fascinating. Something that forces the audience to click it. However, make sure that your video title is around 70 characters, not more than that.


  1. These $30 Fake AirPods Copies Outperform The Originals
  2. We froze the Grandma | Granny Game Update
  3. Is This What Hell Looks Like? The Gaza Strip

8) Add Chapters To Your Content

Have you seen sections in a YouTube video that appear on the scrubber bar? What these sections do is that they divide your video content into sections. The advantages of video chapters are immense.

  1. First, your content is much more organized and easy to navigate in the video scrubber bar.
  2. These chapters also appear in the Google search engine which means that if someone searches a keyword and that keyword is mentioned in your video’s section, Google might likely award you by featuring that part of your video in the SE.
10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - Adding Chapters 1

How to add chapters to your YouTube Content?


  1. At least 3 timestamps required
  2. Each timestamp must be at least 10 seconds long

Adding chapters can be done by adding timestamps (0:00, 0:15, etc.) to the description section of the video.


0:00 Introduction

0:20 What are YouTube Chapters

0:30 How to add YouTube Chapters To Your Video

10 Ways To Improve Your YouTube Content Creation - Adding Chapters

9) Don’t Create Content That No One Likes | The Correct Way To Vlogging

Many YouTubers regularly upload their daily life videos and consider such videos as video dairy aka ‘vlogs’. If that content has something interesting that other people are looking for, or you are doing this just as a hobby, it’s super fine. However, if you are just recording a 5 to 10 minutes video from your front camera, showing you resting on your couch or bed, describing how the day went; no one wants to hear until you turn out to be one of the Kim Kardashian family members.

So, even if you are vlogging, try to be active, pack your backpack and roam around the city, country, or the world and then upload such content. Reach a good amount of subscribers and then start uploading your personal drama.

10) Create, Upload, Repeat

Last but not least, don’t get upset if your content isn’t getting views as much as you expect. It takes effort and time to become a successful YouTuber. Continue creating awesome content, upload, and repeat.

Here are some famous YouTubers (who got famous on YouTube) and the time it took for them to become famous:

YouTube ChannelChannel AgePopularity gainedComments
MrBeast11 Years OldAfter 5 years1. Uploaded a 46 secs video on ‘If this video gets one million views2. Uploaded 4 videos on ‘How much money Pewdiepie makes’3. Uploaded videos of counting to 10,000, 200,000, 300,0004. Donation videos got viral
PewDiePie12 Years OldAfter 2 years1. Got 2.5k subscribers, after uploading the 100th video2. Gained popularity from the ‘bro army fanbase’ after uploading constantly and being one of the first YouTubers for playing horror games and reactions

We hope these 10 YouTube tips and tricks will help you make better content.

Have more ways to improve YouTube content? Let us know in the comments.