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Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review | Most Cost-Effective Projector?

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The trend of short through laser projectors is increasing. While the LEDs appear to be expensive once they cross the 60-inch size, laser projectors come in action offering up to 100-inch screen size, portability, short-throw range, and long-lasting durability. The Chinese projectors are famous for providing incredible and cost-effective projectors. Such is Wemax – Xiaomi’s sub-brand which offers two projectors the Wemax One and Wemax One Pro. Today, we will do a Wemax One Pro fmws02c review, to find out if this projector is worth spending $2000.

The thing to note: Mijia, Wemax, Fengmi, all are projectors made by Xiaomi. So the quality is almost the same in all projectors which is excellent and the OS is also the same. These projectors differentiate only in terms of performance determined by brightness, projection, and resolution.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review | Everything We Need To Know

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Specs Sheet

Physical & Hardware Parameters

Model Fmws02c (Wemax, Fengmi)
Dimensions 41×29.1×8.8 cm
Weight 6.9kg
CPU T968 Cortex-A53 4-core 1.8GHz / 64bit
ROM 16GB eMMC Flash
Voltage 200 – 240V at 50 / 60Hz
External Speaker Supported
Speaker Full frequency speaker x 2 + high frequency speaker x 1
Remote controller Bluetooth, voice, touch control
Power Consumption 250W (max)
Voice Less than 32dB ( at 25 Deg.C )
Connectivity Wired: Ethernet x 1, SPDIF x 2, audio out x 1, AV 3.5 x 1, USB 3.0 x 1, ARC x 1, HDMI 2.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi Dual-Band

1 x remote control ( not including battery)
1 x English user manual
1 x Warranty card

Projection Parameters

Resolution (native) Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 )
Resolution (supported) 4K
Light source  ALPD 3.0
Display 0.47 inch DMD
Brightness  7000 Lumens (ANSI)
Light modes highlight, movie, normal
Auto modes save power, eye protect
Brightness uniformity JBMA more than 80 percent
Color gamut NTSC 80 – 85 percent
Central Contrast 2500:1-3500:1
Color Temperature standard, cold color, warm color
Throw ratio 0.233:1
Best Projection distance 150 inch
3D Yes, three modes
Keystone correction Yes, Manual, four corners, eight corners
Focus Power focus
HDR Supported

OS/UI Parameters

Supported Languages Chinese and English
Default Streaming Content Chinese (Qiyi, Youku, and Mango TV)
Support Android Android 6.0 and above
Third-party Apps Supported
Netflix Supported (poor resolution)

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Design & Appearance

Starting the Wemax One Pro fmws02c review with the design, the size of the whole projector is similar to that of a 15-inch laptop, with obsidian black as the main color, and the chassis is made of sandblasted Polycarbonate material. The edges and borders are rounded, making the home aesthetics.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - design

WEMAX ONE Pro laser projector adopts a traditional groove design. The “WEMAX” logo is placed symmetrically with the projection lens. There is also a more implicitly designed power indicator on the frame on this central axis. WEMAX ONE Pro has only one power cord, plug it in and turn it on directly, or switch on via the remote control, the indicator light shows the current power state.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - design top

The upper groove is a long glass lens protective cover, the middle is the projection lens, on both sides are the human body infrared sensor device built-in. The IR on the front of the body can sense 55°,  will on the sides it can sense 70°.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - design lens

When one is adjusting the projector or a child appears, the brightness is reduced to a minimum, and the text “Please do not look directly at the light source, you can press any button on the remote control to exit” appears as a warning.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - design 2
Safety warning when the projection is blocked by human


On the front, we have the entire area featuring the sound system. The speakers are covered by metal mesh. We see built-in two full-range speakers and two high-frequency speakers, generating a total power of 30W. It can be directly connected to Bluetooth when it is turned on and used as a Bluetooth speaker without standby. The speakers are front-facing, which is very interesting in personally reviewing it, especially when playing games.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Front view Speakers (2)
Front view of projector

On the right side, we have large holes for ventilation. Two fans inside can be seen we looked closely. At the lower right position, there is an adjustment wheel for adjusting the height of the right side, and a USB 2.0 interface. Honestly, the height adjustment wheel does not feel very useful. Why? Because the projector weighs 6.9kg, which is a bit unsupportable from the standpoint of stability. USB 2.0 is placed on the side, which is convenient for playing games with wiring or connecting with an external power amplifier.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Right Side
Right Side

The left side is a ditto copy of the right side, except no USB port present on that side.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Left Side

All the wired connectivity options are on the back, from left to right we have:

  • HDMI input 1
  • HDMI input 2
  • HDMI 3 ARC sound return terminal
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Audio Output
  • AV Input
  • S/PDIF optical digital audio signal output
  • Ethernet,
  • Power socket (at the bottom)

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - back

In short, the interface is almost complete. Gamepad, subwoofer, etc. can be connected to create a home theater in minutes.

Turning to the bottom of the body, the net weight of the projector is 6.9kg, heavy indeed, but because it can be placed on the TV cabinet like a TV, it does not need to be moved frequently, and stability is guaranteed. There is a screw hole at the bottom allowing Wemax One Pro to support the bracket. The product label and the heat dissipation hole are in the middle. The anti-skid pads are presently forming a triangle. The upper two corners of the anti-skid pad can be adjusted in height by the left and right wheels. It should be noted that these wheels are easy to rotate out, but a bit difficult to retract.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - bottom

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Remote Controller

The remote control of WEMAX ONE Pro fmws02c matches the tone of the main body. It is a Bluetooth remote control and supports intelligent voice input.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - remote controller

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Hardware, Connectivity & Features

Wemax One Pro fmws02c features the Amlogic T968 processor accompanied by 2GB RAM and 16GB storage, and built-in MIUI TV operating system. The standard resolution is 1920×1080 (FHD), the display refresh rate is 60/120Hz, compatible with 4K, and supports HDR technology.

remote controller and projector

In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth as well as dual-band wifi. A voice control remote control is also present.

Wemax One Pro also supports active shutter 3D technology, enabling multiple devices to enable wireless simultaneous screen functions with one button. Other features include Support Dolby, DTS dual decoding, built-in high-fidelity speakers.

To measure the performance of the projector, you can refer to one or two from the local playback. We have tested the local 3D and 4K video resources to see if the playback is smooth and how the picture is projected and at the same time test a game to see the sound quality.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – OS & UI Interface

Moving to the OS of the WEMAX ONE Pro fmws02c review, we see the built-in MIUI operating system, which is consistent with the Xiaomi series TVs. It’s available in two languages only: English and Chinese. The content is Chinese but global apps including Netflix, Amazon, Youtube can be installed. The resolution of Netflix is quite low, so it is recommended to download Chromecast and use the phone to project Netflix on the projector.

Here is a brief introduction to the UI. Horizontally, use categories such as TV series, movies, variety shows, and sports as tab pages.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - MIUI TV

The vertical PatchWall poster wall can be pulled down wirelessly, taking movies as an example.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - MIUI TV 1

For the Chinese, the MIUI operating system cooperates with resource platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, and Mango TV in content, such as the recent hit TV series such as “Sweet Crit”, “Story of Yanxi Palace”, “Story of Yunxi”, and “Mask”. While watching TV, press the menu button to pop up the configurable menu bar, including the available resolution adjustment, aspect ratio, image mode, skip the credits, adjust Dolby sound effects, and so on.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - MIUI TV menu settings

In addition to the massive built-in resources, WEMAX ONE Pro supports downloading and installing third-party applications. The installed third-party applications will be displayed on the homepage.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - home screen

WEMAX ONE Pro has the same simple UI operation as Xiaomi Mi TV, the same massive content resources, and opens up the freedom of third-party application installation.


Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Projection Test

Compared with ordinary projection, laser projectors have different light source display technology. Speaking of laser display technology, the WEMAX ONE Pro laser projector actually has a lot of history. One of the producers of this laser projector is Guangfeng Optoelectronics, which is the industry’s leading laser light source company. The Chinese film market that adopts Guangfeng Optoelectronics laser technology is massive.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Projection

WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV is equipped with a 0.47″ DMD chip. The light source core comes from the new third-generation ALPD®. ALPD® uses advanced laser display technology to overcome the shortcomings of laser speckle and low efficiency of green light, color brightness. The ratio of red light is as high as 16.8%, and the center contrast ratio is 4000:1 comparable to theater-level, and the center real brightness is 180 nits. Since the laser projector, the industry standard is not clear, and nit and lumens are random standards. We have compared the projection in both dark and light environments to check out the results.

Brightness & Contrast

In the dark environment, there will be some distortions while we shoot. In terms of brightness, the performance of the picture seen by the naked eye is similar to an expensive LED TV, the same we can say when it is projected on a white wall. The contrast between light and dark is sharp, the details of the dark parts are preserved, the bright parts are not overexposed, the skin texture of the characters is exquisite, and the landscape light level transitions naturally. In short, it’s a kind of projection you can expect from an ALPD 3.0 Laser source with 7000 lumens brightness.

In the daytime, around 4 pm, there’s a strong sunlight environment, the curtains were not drawn. In a strong light environment, although the picture details are well preserved, it is impossible to avoid the washout effect of the picture due to excessive white light.

Ultra short throw Projection test

WEMAX ONE Pro laser projector adopts an 18.08mm large depth of field and ultra-short focal lens, with a transmittance ratio of 0.233:1, and a 100-inch large screen projection can be obtained by placing it 25 cm from the wall.

We have placed it 4 meters away from the TV cabinet, and then adjusted the distance between the laser TV and the wall. In the images below, one is 150 inches and the second is 100 inches.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Projection test 150 inch screen
150″ projection sample
Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Projection test 100 inch screen
100″ Projection

This laser projector is equipped with electric focus and manual keystone correction. Long press the remote control menu button to perform electric focus and keystone correction at any time. Manual keystone correction is indeed very troublesome, but because of the light source and lens, the current laser projector cannot be made into automatic keystone correction like ordinary projection. We hope the technology can improve further in the future.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Keystone correction Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Keystone correction 1

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Power & Temperature Test

Based on ALPD®3.0 laser display technology, the Wemax One Pro fmws02c light source life is as high as 25000+ hours.  According to 8 hours a day, it can be used for at least 8.5 years. 

We have tested the power rating of this projector. Once in the standby state, and the standby power is 0.3W, and the power when playing continuously for 2 hours is about 216 W. This power consumption indeed is higher than the average smart projection, but it is relatively small compared with the TV. The power of a 75-inch TV is generally around 240W. So with this projector, one can easily save some money on the electricity bills.

In the playback state, the sound of the fan running will not have much impact on the viewing, and the temperature of the left cooling vents is still relatively high during operation, basically around 50 degrees celsius. Therefore, the laser projector itself has an over-temperature automatic power-off protection device.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Other Tests

3D Video Test – How To Turn On 3D Mode?

The projector does support 3D video. You can turn on the 3D mode by:

  1. Open the menu bar
  2. Open the 3D setting in the playback settings
  3. Select the desired format of 3D

Wemax One Pro fmws02c supports 3 types of 3D formats:

  • top and bottom
  • left and right
  • frame packaging

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - 3D mode

4K Video Playback

Since the WEMAX ONE Pro fmws02c laser projector does not support many refresh rates, there will be a reminder that the video frame rate exceeds the support when testing 4K sources. There are quite a few movies that do not support playback.

Although WEMAX ONE Pro supports a standard resolution of 1080P, when playing 4K sources,  you can still see a significant improvement in the picture, with transparent light and true color reproduction.  

WEMAX ONE Pro 4K Video Projection Samples / Tests

Sound Quality

WEMAX ONE Pro fmws02c laser TV has built-in 2 full-range speakers + 2 high-frequency speakers, with a total output power of about 30W. These speakers also support Bluetooth audio mode when turned on. We used a game with better sound to test. The speakers are all set to sound forward, and the sound is directly transmitted to the ears, reducing unnecessary loss.

Game sound effects are indeed an important aid when playing games. The sound of this game is characterized by low bass and clear and unbreakable high pitches.  The speakers sound incredible and can achieve the details and loudness of the home theater system. 

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review – Pros & Cons


  • Excellent color gamut and brightness of the projection
  • Theater level sound
  • Elegant color and design
  • ALPD 3.0 technology
  • MIUI TV with tons of Chinese content and third-party app support
  • Easy to operate
  • 150″ Display with incredible details preserved


  • Troublesome procedure to install third-party apps
  • Netflix in low resolution
  • Similar to other projectors the daylight projection looks washed off
  • Manual keystone correction (wireless) is a bit troublesome
  • Only two languages available (English and Chinese)

The Verdict

Concluding the Wemax One Pro fmws02c review, Laser Projector is the first choice for large-screen living room upgrades at this stage, and the WEMAX ONE Pro laser projector performs exceptionally well. WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV adopts Fengmi’s exclusive use of A+-level opto-mechanical products. ALPD®3.0 laser display technology improves the image color, contrast, and brightness. The red light ratio has greatly increased, and the color gamut is widened. There are 180 nits accurate real brightness, achieving image quality highly unified with brightness. The 0.233:1 throw ratio brought by the ultra-short throw can project from 80 inches to 150 inches, which solves the inconvenience of wiring and blocking the screen.

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Featured

The content UI adopts Xiaomi’s MIUI system, which is easy to operate, cooperates with multi-party video platforms, and the content resources are extremely expandable (for the Chinese); 2GB+16GB in performance can meet daily downloads and use, equipped with T968 chip to ensure smooth operation, support HDR technology, and compatible 4K picture quality.

The only problem is OS which is only in two languages: Chinese and English (for the Chinese version). Some of the third-party global apps are somewhat troublesome to install, and the best way to use the projector for a global audience is to install Chromecast and use the smartphone. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

Some worthy comparisons of this projector with other projectors:

Price & Availability

You can grab Wemax One Pro fmws02c on Banggood for the best price of US$1,932.99. We will like to end the Wemax One Pro fmws02c review by giving you the link to the store:


Aliexpress and Amazon:

Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review - Featured 1
Wemax One Pro fmws02c Review | Most Cost-Effective Projector?
Wemax One Pro is a cost-effective FHD Laser Projector with ADLP 3.0 technology. The recommended projection size is 150" from a distance of only 4 meters. MIUI TV is the OS with plenty of Chinese content and third-party apps allowance.
Design & Appearance
Power & Temperature
Price/Performance Ratio
Reader Rating1 Vote
Excellent color gamut and brightness of the projection
Theater level sound
Elegant color and design
ALPD 3.0 technology
MIUI TV with tons of Chinese content and third-party app support
Easy to operate 150" Display with incredible details preserved
Troublesome procedure to install third-party apps
Netflix in low resolution
Similar to other projectors the daylight projection looks washed off
Manual keystone correction (wireless) is a bit troublesome
Only two languages available (English and Chinese)
Total Rating
Where to Buy?
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