WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5 | Should You Move To The Latest?

Everything and everyone is connected and running through the internet. With the rapid increase in internet usage, it has become the need of the hour to have good internet speed. And with innovation in WiFi technology, we are able to achieve some great speeds. In this article on Wifi 7 vs Wifi 6 vs Wifi 5, we compare the three generations for speed, latency, range, and many other features. And help you decide what is the best WiFi choice for you, and whether should you upgrade to the latest and greatest or not.

WiFi 5 at its time of 2014 was considered a great step in innovation. With a speed of 3.5Gbp/s, it was thought to be groundbreaking for consumers. Later, in 2019, the WiFi 6 was introduced with a speed of 9.6Gbp/s. It was considered a big step ahead in innovation.
However, with the release of WiFi 7, things will be taken to another level. Users can expect a crazy speed of 40Gbps. Let’s compare the in-depth details of WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5.

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5 – Specs Comparison

WiFi 5WiFi 6WiFi 7
Launch Date201420192024
IEEE Standard802.11ac802.1ax802.11be
Max Data Rate3.5Gbps9.6Gbps40Gbps
Bands5Ghz2.4Ghz and 5Ghz1-7.25Ghz
Channel Size20,40,80,80+80,160Mhz20,40,80,80+80,160MhzUp to 320 Mhz
Modulation256-QAM OFDM1024-QAM OFDMA4096-QAM OFDMA

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5 – Release Date Comparison

WiFi has become one of the most granted features in any smartphone. However, its usability is not only limited to phones. We have internet access to almost every smart device, from our TVs to refrigerators. Everything relies on the internet to perform tasks.
WiFi 5 made its debut in 2014, after a successful run from the previous WiFi 4. At its time it was considered a steep ahead with an initial speed of 3.5Gbps. As the media consumption was not heavy and things were simpler. However, in 2019, we saw the release of WiFi 6. It had a download speed of 9.6Gbps. It satisfied the needs of almost all users, but the hunger for more was always there.

WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 7 Speed

Keeping in mind all the latest trends and requirements, the WiFi 7 will be released in 2024 to once again settle all the needs of the internet. It is said that the latest technology will have a speed of 40 Gbps. When it comes to releasing dates of WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5. The WiFi 7 is yet to be released officially.

WiFi vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 7 – Expect 4x the Theoretical Speed of WiFi 6

WiFi has always had some amazing speeds when it came to transfers. Every new generation peaked its predecessor by double. However, things will take a different turn when WiFi 7 will be released for consumers.
It is said that the latest WiFi generation will have a transfer speed of around 40Gbps. It is 4 times the speed of its predecessor WiFi 6. This means taking things to the ultimate level. The download and upload time will be reduced to nearly half. Optimizing the user experience and making it smooth. We are seeing incredible growth in speeds of WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5.

A Little Briefing About WiFi 7

With the increased demand for better connectivity and lower latency, WiFi 7 is all set to take over the world with its performance. It will have features like cloud base gaming, allowing users to stream 8K smoothly, video conference and streaming at the same time and the list goes on. WiFi 7 is all set to make this world wireless with the help of 320MHz channels, high simultaneous multi-link, and 4K QAM. Everything that was once considered a dream, will be soon fulfilled. We are seeing more improvements between WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5 as we move ahead in the race of technology.

WiFi 7 development

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5– What Improvements Does The Future Hold?

The WiFi 7 will be able to produce massive gains in performance through a wider channel of the 6GHz spectrum. It will have a 320MHz channel which is double as compared to WiFi 6. Moreover, the latest WiFi 7 will have the ability to multi-link. It will decrease the latency and increase the throughput. High-Band Simultaneous Multi-Link is the most powerful solution as it uses two WiFi (5Ghz or 6Ghz) to generate a single output. This will allow users to have the fastest internet even in congested and backward areas.

An advanced modulation system called 4K QAM, will also be standardized with WiFi 7. It will boost the peak rates and capacity when compared to the previous technology of 1K QAM. Users will be able to take benefit from flexible channel utilization and use wider channels without interference. The scale of growth has been increasing between WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5.

Our Verdict:

Without any doubt, the technology we have at hand is outstanding and making our lives easier. However, there is no end to our needs. Therefore, the WiFi 7 will produce some great results at an insane speed of 40Gbps. This is something users have never seen before. Allowing consumers to upload, download, stream, etc in never seen times. We are expecting a release in 2024 for the WiFi 7. As of now, in the battle of WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5, the upcoming WiFi 7 wins by miles when it comes to performance.