Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide

Looking For The Best Data and Video Recovery Tool? This Is It!

Camera tech in our smartphones gets more potent year after year, and more people are shooting videos with their smartphones than ever before. These are not just any videos, these are high-resolution 4K videos, even 8K on occasion, complete with HDR capabilities. Naturally, they consume a lot of space, and people regularly transfer videos to their computer for posterity, or maybe even store the videos on their SD card in their Android smartphones. Sometimes, by accident, videos get deleted. If you are reading this because you recently lost some video and want to recover video from a computer or SD card, read on.

Part I | Understanding Video Recovery

It is true that at its root, everything is bits and bytes to a computer. Yet, video recovery is different because videos are large files with several elements that need to work perfectly together, or else the file will not work. The data recovery software you use ought to be able to respect and regard that difference when working to recover video files.

Anything on your disk is at risk. There can be software corruption or hardware failure to cause video loss. There is always the user element, wherein people can unknowingly/ accidentally delete files they realize soon after that they needed. Virus attacks are also among the top causes of video file loss and corruption, as with any other data.

NOTE: Whenever you suffer data loss, pause immediately and devise a video recovery strategy. Stop all work immediately to stop data from being written to that area of your storage where your deleted data still exists.

Importance of Video Data Recovery Software

You might think that standard data recovery software would be good for all kinds of data. That is true when it comes down to it, but then, that is part of the whole story. Recovering videos is not the same as recovering a text document. Video files are more complex, and data recovery software can benefit from a specialized video recovery mode built into it for video recovery needs. How?

Here’s a primer on what constitutes great data recovery software. A great data recovery software is one that:

  • Can recover data from any location be it internal disk or external such as a USB flash drive or SD card,
  • Can recover data under all data loss scenarios,
  • Has a high recovery success rate,
  • Can work on both Mac and PC,
  • Is easy to understand and use,
  • Is reliable and stable on both old and new hardware,
  • Scans for data thoroughly and efficiently without choking system resources,
  • Is tested and recommended by experts and users alike.

What Makes A Data Recovery Software A Great Video Recovery Software?

– dedicated video recovery mode that scans for videos and uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically increase both the chances of recovering videos and maintaining the integrity of video files during recovery so that the videos are recovered successfully without frame losses or other glitches that might plague videos recovered with missing data. 

Part II | How To Recover Videos Using Wondershare Recoverit – Your Ultimate Video Recovery Tool

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit

You don’t have to take our word for it, but millions of users around the world including reviewers from the best names in the industry consistently rank Wondershare Recoverit ahead of its peers. Download it now if you need to recover the video or take it out for a spin anyway to see what it’s all about!

Why does the world trust Wondershare Recoverit for all data recovery needs? Some reasons why:

  • Recoverit works natively on both Windows and macOS.
  • Recoverit works under the most commonly occurring data loss scenarios.
  • Recoverit scans data quickly and thoroughly without overloading system resources.
  • Recoverit has a high recovery success rate.
  • The user interface is easy to use and understand.
  • The development team is backed with over 17 years of experience and 25 patents for various data recovery technologies.

How to Use Wondershare Recoverit for Deleted Video Recovery

Download Recoverit from the Wondershare website and proceed with the steps below.

Step 1: When you launch Recoverit, you will see a clean user interface that opens into Hard Drives and Locations. Select the location where you want to recover videos from.

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide Step 1 I

Recoverit will immediately start scanning. 

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide Step 1 II

You can see a wealth of information here including scan status, files found, sectors read in the moment, and time spent. There are options to pause, stop and resume the scan.

Step 2: You can narrow down the search and results during the scan as well as after the scan is over.  Click File Type and select Videos to show only video results. You can also use the search bar to look for a specific filename if you remember one.

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide Step 2 I

Wondershare provides a powerful file preview tool that supports several formats, so you can see and even hear (yes, audio files are also supported!) before you recover. 

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide Step 2 II

Step 3: When you have found the file you want to recover, click Recover, select the location you want to recover videos to, and click Recover in the popup.

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide Step 3

You’re done!

Special Features In Wondershare Recoverit For Video Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit has proven itself to be the best data recovery software for users, but what makes Recoverit a beloved video recovery tool as well? 


Wondershare designed and developed a special Advanced Video Recovery feature in Recoverit to help you recover videos much better than other competing products in the market space.

Best Data and Video Recovery Tool - Wondershare Recoverit Guide ADVANCED VIDEO RECOVERY FEATURE

This mode is designed to specially recover video files. It collects and collates data pieces from all over the disk and matches the fragments so that the video file is recovered successfully without any loss.

Part III: Tips for Better Video Recovery Success

How to make sure that you have the best shot at recovering deleted/ lost videos?

Tip 1: Do Not Use/ Eject the USB Drive

If the video you want to recover was stored on a flash drive or SD card, stop using the card right away so that the deleted data stored on disk that might still be recoverable is not at any further risk.

Tip 2: Choose the Right USB Data Recovery Software the First Time

This is not the time to try your luck trying to hack video recovery yourself or try that free data recovery software and see if that helps. No; you must do your research and pick one software that is designed for the specific type of data loss you encountered if you want to increase and maximize your chances at video recovery. Wondershare Recoverit is one such software that supports several data loss scenarios, so that no matter how you have lost your data, Recoverit is equipped to do its best and get your data back for you.

Tip 3: Back up Regularly

Taking regular backups is crucial as this can save you from recovering a large number of files. Taking regular backups gives you the choice to recover only the files that were changed from the last backup and restore the rest from the backup.

Closing Words

The only videos we do not need to recover are the ones we already have in a backup. Therefore, as a data handling best practice, we must always have a few up-to-date copies of our data, including videos. For that instance, where we must recover videos, choosing the right video and data recovery software is critical to success. Wondershare Recoverit is the only data recovery tool you will ever need – it not only recovers data but has advanced features such as Enhanced Recovery designed squarely for video recovery that dramatically increases video recovery success rate. Even so, it also has a video repair tool you can use for videos that might not have recovered successfully or that were corrupted from the start! Download Wondershare Recoverit and experience a professional data and video recovery tool at a price you will love.