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Xiaomi 14 Ultra Will Feature Satellite Communication | Xiaomi’s First Phone

The source has it that the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra supports two-way satellite communication. This means that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra can not only send messages but also receive messages from places where there are no signals at all. It will be Xiaomi’s first flagship phone to support satellite communications.

How Will This Satellite Feature Work In Xiaomi 14 Ultra?

This function may not be useful in places with good signal coverage, but if there is an emergency and the ground signal suddenly disappears, or you are lost in a place in which there is no facility for signal coverage, this function can be very vital in this aspect.

Through Xiaomi 14 Ultra, users can not only report the situation in real-time, which is more reassuring but also make remote online rescue possible, allowing the phone and the user to continue to be “online” and never disconnected.

Other Specs in Xiaomi’s Upcoming Flagship Phone

In addition to supporting satellite communications, according to the leak, Xiaomi 14 Ultra uses a 2K dual-curved screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, supports an ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint reader, and has a 1-inch rear outsole main camera.

The phone will be launched in Q1 this year and will be Xiaomi’s most powerful high-end flagship of the year.

Source (in Chinese)