Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro

Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro Released – Inspired from a Masterpiece

If there is a company that knows how to stand out, that is Xiaomi. Although the company is widely known for their Smartphones, this is not the only area where they exceed expectations. Although it was not possible without the help of different brands that act as sub-companies. One of the biggest is their entire ecological chain, and the product of the day is part of one of these. 70 Mai, dedicated to automotive products, is pleased to present a miniature air purifier. Know the Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro.

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Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro – A comfortable and elegant way to travel

The new Xiaomi 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro is more than a device. The gadget is inspired by the masterpiece The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh in such a way that the air to be purified enters a kind of nebula through an aluminum alloy ring. The small cylindrical body is compact but manages to reach a CADR value of up to 52 m3/h, purifying the air of a sedan vehicle in just 3 minutes.

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With respect to other models, the air output has been increased by 15% and the noise has been reduced by 5 dB. This thanks to a centrifugal fan more complex and with a better cut. This device also includes a photoelectric dust sensor that allows it to adjust the working position of the purifier in real time. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the filter used to trap all the particles is a 2.5PM of high-efficiency E & HH11 of 70 years. This guarantees a proper reception of dust, pollen, and smoke.

The 70 Mai Air Purifier Pro is currently available in the Xiaomi online store at a price of 299 Yuan (includes the PM2.5 filter). Additionally, if you want, you can purchase additional PM2.5 filters for just 39 Yuan.