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Xiaomi AI Speaker All Unit Sold Out in only 23 seconds on the First Sale!

Artificial Intelligence has become the main theme of this year, whether it is mobile phones or speakers, all should be plugged in the smart wings. Xiaomi is China’s strongest and widest consumer electronics manufacturer. A couple of days ago, Chinese manufacturer launched Xiaomi AI Speaker and today, this smart speaker finally went on official sale. Surprisingly, on the first day of sale, the speakers sold out in only 23 seconds.

Xiaomi AI Speaker Sold out

Xiaomi didn’t tell the actual units like most of its quick sold outs. Xiaomi official website said that there’s no time. You can register and get an update by tagging it as ‘really want’ to enlist in the purchase from time to time sales.

Xiaomi AI Speaker – The First Voice Operated AI Speaker

Xiaomi AI speaker features a pure white design, compact size. It occupies a space of only 21.16 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm and weighs 636 grams. The reason for giving the AI speaker a slender shape is to match it with the rest of the Mi family products such as Xiaomi Air Purifier.

Xiaomi AI Speaker

Xiaomi smart AI speaker uses the beamforming technology. This allows the device to hear the voice of the user even from long distances via effective shielding interference.

Xiaomi smart AI speakers highlight an intelligent control as a brain. You can connect all your home smart home equipment. The functions including are numerous Internet contents control, such as music, fiction comic dialogue, children’s stories, radio stations and so on. Moreover, it has a human-computer interaction, such as check the weather, set the alarm clock, real-time exchange rate and so on.

Xiaomi Smart AI speaker has a price of only 299 yuan ($45) which is definitely a selling point and too cheap for the first AI speakers around the globe. Don’t you think? Comment!

We will inform you when the product gets globally available.