Xiaomi AKKU Ankuo Lithium Drill

Xiaomi AKKU Ankuo Lithium Drill Releases: Brushless, Two Speed

Today Xiaomi crowdfunds an AKKU Ankuo lithium drill. The highlight of the product is the small portable body and large torque.

AKKU Ankuo lithium drill uses a brushless motor, stable output, long life, low noise and maintenance-free. With 10NM torque. It’s a multipurpose drill machine which means that it can not only screw and unscrew, but also punch as well in the common wood and gypsum wall surface. This covers the common life maintenance installation requirements.

The electric drill has a two-speed switching function, high and low-speed gear adjustment lever. Specifically, the low-speed gear is 260 RPM, meanwhile, the high-speed gear speeds up to 850 RPM.

The indicator LED light indicates positive and negative rotation, the green light is the forward rotation and the screw can be drilled, and the red light is reversed and retractable.

Xiaomi AKKU Ankuo Lithium Drill

The drill has a built-in 21700 mAh lithium battery, the battery life is 40% longer than the traditional 18650 mAh battery, and can provide up to 30A continuous discharge capacity.

Xiaomi AKKU Ankuo Lithium Drill is equipped with 8 chrome vanadium steel batch heads, featuring high hardness, high toughness, and precise occlusion. With 50mm magnetic extension rods, various batch heads can be quickly switched, which meets various usage scenarios in the home.

Indeed, it’s a nice modern-looking drill machine with the best portability, long battery life and good max torque of 850 RPM. You can easily charge it from a 20,000mAh powerbank as well.

Selling Points

  1. Compact Design
  2. Multipurpose
  3. Two-Speed Switching function
  4. Brushless motor
  5. 21700 mAh battery
  6. Maintenance-free
  7. Super affordable

Price & Availability

The crowdfunding price of the drill machine is 199 yuan (28.3 USD) meanwhile the future retail price is 329 yuan (46.7 USD) in China.

We will let you know when this drill machine is available to purchase globally. Until that, stay tuned!