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Xiaomi Becomes World’s Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand of 2017 Q2

The Chinese smartphone manufacturers are proving to be a nightmare for the global manufacturers as another year marks their success. The smartphone makers from Chinese land such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo started emerging since 2014 and continues to grow till date.

Out of the list of top phone manufacturers, Xiaomi is ranked 6th in position. Yet, no one can deny the fact that it had the greatest increase in yield of the year 2017.

A technology market research (counterpoint) compared the global yield of the second quadrant of 2017 with the Q2 of 2016. The global manufacturers had a little increase in yield, meanwhile, the top Chinese manufacturers took the spotlight. So, here are the top growing smartphone brands of 2017 Q2:

  1. Xiaomi with a global growth increase of 60%
  2. Vivo with a global growth increase of 45%
  3. OPPO with a global growth increase of 33%
  4. Huawei with a global growth increase of 20%

Moreover, after seeing the results, Lei Jun said:

Thanks to all the Mi supporters. We will insist on providing people, good products and good prices, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the fun of science and technology.


If the same growth rate continues, after few years we will expect Xiaomi to be a complete global smartphone manufacturer. No doubt, with this rate Xiaomi will become the top smartphone brand around the globe.

Source (Counterpoint research)