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Xiaomi CEO Shares 3 Highlights of Xiaomi 13

News Highlights

  • Flat Screen
  • All four borders around the screen are equal which are only 1.81mm
  • A board width of 71.5mm

Today’s news, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun posted an article in which he said that the Xiaomi 13 series is our latest annual flagship and a 3-year answer sheet for Xiaomi’s high-end exploration.

Xiaomi 13 and Pro will come in different industrial design forms. Xiaomi 13 Pro adopts an elegant and beautiful curved screen design. In contrast, Xiaomi 13 adopts the long-awaited flat screen design that everyone has been calling for, we have made an enormous investment to customize the “ultra-narrow edge straight screen”, the four edges are almost the same, the three edges are narrowed to 1.61mm, which is the “visual four equal edges “This is the first time in the domestic Android camp to achieve.


Lei Jun pointed out that Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro are not the previous “medium width” and “large width” relationship, but both “beyond the large width” ideas, designed in different styles, but also powerful and elegant.

From performance leadership to experience first, we have made great efforts on Xiaomi 13 series, pursuing almost 360 degrees of high-end experience. I believe that the Xiaomi 13 series will make everyone feel unprecedentedly amazing, and even reacquaint themselves with Xiaomi phones from now on.

Lei Jun stressed that the past 3 years is the 3 year exploration period of high-end Xiaomi, in which there are gains and losses, ups and downs. But with the strategy determined, cognitive clarity, capacity growth, and experience accumulation, we are more and more determined and confident.

In terms of parameters, this time Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro are fully equipped with Qualcomm’s second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, support up to 120W wired flash charging, and all support IP68 level dust and water resistance.

The new products will officially debut on December 1.

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Source ( Mydrivers, in Chinese )