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Xiaomi France To Open The First French Mi Store in Paris – Says Lei Jun

In 2018, Xiaomi continues to expand its domain around the world at a much quicker pace. In such a short time, Xiaomi is official now in most European countries including Spain, Italy, and Greece. What’s next for Xiaomi? Well, the next stop appears to be the city of love and romance ‘Paris’. On May 22, Xiaomi France will open the first French Mi Store and the location will be France capital ‘Paris’ says the CEO of Xiaomi ‘Lei Jun’. Previously, the date was extended and Lei Jun said:

Expansion too soon will only cause problems<span class="su-quote-cite">Lei Jun</span>

He also promises to open more Mi Stores in other cities of France later soon.


The History of Xiaomi – Flashback From The Past

Founded in 2010 by the founder of Joyo.com; a successful e-commerce platform; Xiaomi has taken full advantage of the booming smartphone market in China. There the sales were quadrupled between 2010 and 2015. At the peak of its glory, Xiaomi was considered, in 2014, as the most highly valued start-up in the world (46 billion dollars, or about 34 billion euros at the time). It must be said that the manufacturer had managed to occupy the first place in China, capturing 17% of the market in 2015. But since then, it is facing full competition from local rivals Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.

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Later that year, Xiaomi started to be global. On 23 April 2015, it was Xiaomi India was official with the release of Mi Band and Mi 4i. With the passage of time, in Q3 2017, Xiaomi became India’s No.1 Smartphone Brand. Redmi Note 4 became the best selling phone and was named the nation’s phone (Desh ka phone), followed by Xiaomi Redmi 4 and 4A at 2nd and 3rd best selling phones. To this day, in Q1 2018, Xiaomi captures 31.1% shares of Indian smartphone market and remains No.1 selling smartphone brand.

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Xiaomi has also opened stores in Indonesia, US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mayalsia, Russia, Korea, and 10 other countries. You can check the countries where Xiaomi is official from its official website.

With that pace, Xiaomi will cover almost half of the total countries and might dominate not only smartphone but the entire consumer electronics market by 2030. Thus, it continues to become a major threat to other manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

Why Will Xiaomi France Be a Success?

There are many reasons why Xiaomi France will be a success:

Reason no.1: Xiaomi is known not because of the super affordable smartphones but also because of other cool consumer electronics.

Reason no.2: The smartphones as well as other consumer electronics competition appears to be quite low in France in comparison to China.

Reason no.3: Moreover, most of Xiaomi products already support the French language such as Xiaomi OS ‘MIUI’, user manuals and apps like Mi Home and Mi Fit.

We will be covering the event on May 22. So stay tuned!

Source (Translated from French)