Xiaomi HIMO Transformers Theme Folding Bike

Xiaomi HIMO Transformers Theme Folding Bike: Design of Future Bikes!

Here's how the future bikes looks like!

Today, on November 23rd, Xiaomi releases a HIMO Transformers theme folding bike. The bike is inspired by the Transformers franchise including Hornet, Optimus Prime, and Megatron. The greatest highlight of the bike is its unique sci-fic design made into reality. With the foldable design it can be carried anywhere you want.

Xiaomi HIMO Transformers Theme Folding Bike all colors

It is available in yellow, blue and gray inspired from the above said three transformers characters. Moreover, there’s the ‘Transformers’ logo printed on it as well.

foldable design

The whole bike weighs 14.5 kg (32 pounds), expands 955mm long and 485mm high, and has a length of 230mm and a height of 455mm after folding.

Xiaomi HIMO Transformers Theme Folding Bike - Dimensions

The handlebar is equipped with a high-definition LCD instrument panel. It has a minimalist design that allows the user to check the vehicle status, power left and speed at any time during the ride (in realtime). The faucet also has a hook design, which can be used to hang small bags and other small items.

LED display

As for the comfort and safety features, there’s the LED front headlight, safety locks, lock catch, and seat cushion.


Xiaomi HIMO Transformers theme folding bike adopts DC brushless motor, rated power 180W, and voltage 36V. The highest speed is 18 km/h, the load limit is 75 kg, and the climbing angle is 5°. It’s equipped with the electronic brake system, linear brakes are controlled smoothly, safer and more uniform.

Xiaomi HIMO Transformers Theme Folding Bike

The pull-out battery case charges the battery in 4-6 hours completely and provides a 30 Km cruising range.


Selling Points

  • Ultra-foldable design
  • Inspired by Transformers
  • Three Colors available
  • 30 Km cruising range
  • DC brushless motor
  • 18 km/h max speed
  • Real-time Speed and Remaining Power

Price & Availability

Xiaomi HIMO Transformers theme folding bike is priced at 2899 yuan (411.84 USD) and comes with a genuine license and portable storage. It’s currently available in China and can be purchased from the Xiaomi Youpin Website. We will let you know when it’s available for global purchases. Stay tuned!