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This New Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser Heats Water in 3 seconds!

Today, Xiaomi adds another product to its wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances. Meet the new  Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser which comes at a stupendous crowdfunding price of 299 yuan (46 USD / 40 euros). 

Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser price

Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser – Everything You Need To Know

The best part about the New Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser is that it heats water in three seconds. Imagine fresh water passing through the dual heating structure design of the dispenser and instantly providing you hot water. The outer heating body adopts a food grade quartz tube. Meanwhile, inner heating body features a 304 stainless steel heating spiral pipeline.

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How is it possible to get hot water in 3 seconds?

It’s simple. Due to that dual heating metal system and spiral tube design, the water flow and the surface area increases which allows frequent contact with the dual heating system. As a result, we get desired hot water within 3 seconds.

The new Hot Water Dispenser has a one-button operation and one-click start. There’s the knob on the top. Just one spin and one click make it simple and convenient. It also has 6 temperature settings, marked as 55°C, 70°C, 85°C, 95°C and 100°C, to meet the daily needs of drinking water.

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The water tank capacity is 1.8L. It’s almost half than the previous VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser by Xiaomi. Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser also has two kinds of default cup selection: 250ml and 500ml. It supports multiple reminders such as water shortage reminder, descaling reminder, and anti-dry burning.

The Selling Points

  • 3 seconds instant hot water
  • 6 temperature ranges to select
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely portable
  • Affordable price

The Low Points

  • Limited tank capacity

Price & Available

The new Xiaomi Hot Water Dispenser is available in China to buy at a price of 299 yuan (46 USD / 40 euros). We will inform you when the product is available for global purchase. Stay tuned!