Xiaomi 67W gallium nitride charger

Xiaomi Launches A New 67W Dual Port GAN Charger | With UFCS 1.0 Support

Xiaomi has just added a new product to their Chinese e-store. The new product is a 67W gallium nitride (GaN) dual port charger, which includes a USB to Type-C cable and is priced at 149 yuan (21 USD).

According to reports, the charger adopts a 1A+1C interface design. Using the USB-A or USB-C interface alone, it can support a single port output of up to 67W. When the dual ports are output simultaneously, the maximum power is 65W (20W+45W). It also has intelligent voltage identification and can charge from wearables to notebooks.

Xiaomi  67W gallium nitride charger

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi’s new 67W GaN charger supports the UFCS 1.0 fusion fast charging protocol. This means that it can quickly charge Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and other phones that support the UFCS protocol. This solves the problem of the charger’s incompatibility issues with other phones.

The full name of the UFCS fusion fast charging protocol is “Mobile Terminal Fusion Fast Charging Technical Specification”, which was issued by the Telecommunications Terminal Industry Association., to solve the charger compatibility issue.

Last month, on September 29, the China Communications Standards Association and the Telecommunications Terminal Industry Association released the first batch of 11 fast-charging certification certificates, involving 4 terminals, 5 chargers, and 2 SoC products from 6 companies. Currently, UFCS-certified mobile phones include Huawei Mate Xs 2, and iQOO 10 Pro.

Source ( My drivers, in Chinese )