Xiaomi Mi 11 Official Image

Xiaomi Mi 11 Release Date Set To Be Dec 28 | Price Exposed

Yesterday, Xiaomi finally announced Xiaomi Mi 11 release date which will be December 28. However, today, Xiaomi Mi 11 price was also exposed on the popular Chinese e-store JingDong.

According to the screenshot shown below, there are three storage versions of Xiaomi Mi 11:

  • 8+128GB
  • 8+256GB
  • 12+256GB

In addition, Xiaomi has also introduced the plain leather version to Xiaomi Mi 11 for the first time.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Release Date & Pricing

As for the Xiaomi Mi 11 price, we have:

  • 8+128GB (Smoke Purple) priced at 4500 yuan
  • 8+256GB priced at 4800 yuan
  • 12GB+256GB priced at 5200 yuan

Xiaomi Mi 11 Price leaked

Xiaomi Mi 11 VariantsXiaomi Mi 11 Price in Yuan (CNY)Xiaomi Mi 11 Price in INR (Indian rupees)Xiaomi Mi 11 Price in USDXiaomi Mi 11 Price in Euros
8GB + 128GB4500 yuanRs.50,899 INR687 USD564 euros
8GB + 256GB4800 yuanRs.54,999 INR733 USD602 euros
12GB + 256GB5200 yuanRs.58,999 INR794 USD652 euros

At the same time, there will be black, white, blue, and other colors as well. According to previous reports, this time Xiaomi Mi 11 will also have a special edition.

However, this leaked price is not confirmed to be true. Based on previous rumors of smartphone pricing, the rumored price is always higher than the official price. So one can expect Mi 11 to be much cheaper.

It is worth noting that yesterday afternoon, the Xiaomi store directly disclosed the Mi 11 rear camera layout. From the teaser, Mi 11 rear camera is similar to the previously exposed pictures, using two main lenses + one secondary lens, a triple rear camera configuration, but the specific parameters of the lens are currently unknown.

Xiaomi Mi 11 rear camera teaser

It is reported that Xiaomi Mi 11 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor for the first time, and there will be a period of exclusive Snapdragon 888.

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