Xiaomi Mi 9 Android 10 MIUI 10 9.8.22 Update – Here’s What’s New

After such a long wait, one of the most popular flagships and smart devices under the name of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi 9, received an update of Android 10 with MIUI 10, the powerful customization layer made by the big Chinese company. This new update brings incredible features and many problems solved, and the most exciting thing is that it is based on the tenth version of Android, which will give the phone many new features.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Android 10 MIUI 10 9.8.22 Update - Here's What's New

Xiaomi Mi 9 – Improvements That MIUI 10 and Android 10 Bring To The Phone

Among the features and improvements that this version of MIUI 10 and Android gives to the Mi 9, we have the following:

  1. The system: a system-level screen transmission function was added to synchronize the mobile phone screen with any real-time TV, and all that is needed is to click on the “TV Screening” shortcut switch in the notification bar to make this connection. Also, an entry was added to add the Xiaomi mutual transmission function.
  2. The desktop: this part of the phone has new features, which will provide the user with all the needs it has.
  3. Set: a new input method was added, and this supports full-screen keyboard optimization, in addition to the improved printing experience.
  4. Phone Number Blacklisting: the sporadic interception error of blacklisting when switching between single and double cards was fixed.
  5. XiaoAi Voice Control: thanks to this update, the application operation is faster, and the unlock experience was optimized. Also, the XiaoAi Voice Control also works better and is more efficient.
  6. Xiaomi cloud service: you can have control of the online cloud service, although if there are problems when doing that, i.mi.com will be able to find and solve all the problems.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Android 10 MIUI 10 9.8.22 Update -Here's What's New

In short, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is a great smartphone, and now with the help of MIUI 10 and Android 10, this will become a wish come true for users from all parts of the world.