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Xiaomi Mi 9T (Mi 9 Pro) Gets Certified – Higher Version of Mi 9

According to foreign media reports, a Xiaomi smartphone by the model name ‘M1903F10G’ has passed the Thai NBTC, China Taiwan NCC, Eurasian Economic Committee EEC, Singapore IMDA certification.

The Thai NBTC certification information shows that the device is named Xiaomi Mi 9T. The Chinese NCC certification shows that the device supports China Taiwan 4G full frequency band, NFC and so on.

Xiaomi Mi 9T or Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Gets Certified Xiaomi Mi 9T Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro certification 1

Currently, Xiaomi has never used the “T” in any series. So, the Mi 9T might be the “Pro” version of Xiaomi Mi 9. Last year, Xiaomi released the Mi 8 series covering the middle and high-end categories, including Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 In-Screen Fingerprint Edition and Xiaomi Mi 8 Transparent Exploration Edition. Surprisingly, among them, Xiaomi Mi 8 in-screen fingerprint version was named Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro in the Taiwanese market.

From this, Mi 9T or Mi 9 Pro may be an enhanced version of Mi 9. It will retain most of the specifications such as Snapdragon 855 SoC, Sony’s 48 MP ultra clear camera, etc. However, it may be equipped with a larger battery and higher specifications of memory and storage.

In addition, the certification of Xiaomi Mi 9T in different regions means that the flagship will be available for sale in the global market, so stay tuned!

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