Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro | What To Expect | Specs, Price, Comparison

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro has its news spreading already and if anyway you fall among the categories of the displeased Xiaomi Mi A3 users, then stay tune cos something big is coming from the Android One family. This time it’s going to be an upgraded version of the Mi A3 model, Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro. Some users of the Mi A3 brand laid a series of complaints with regards to how poor the phone’s standard was compared to the weaker Xiaomi Mi CC9e.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 4G Phablet – What to expect

Design & Appearance

With a 1560*720 Pixel resolution, the display size of the 173.8g PRO model is expected to be 6.088 inches.  it’s also going to be coming with a multi-touch function. When considering the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro – the shape of the screen incision and the width of the chin is key and the image below explains that.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro

Features & Hardware

As anticipation is on, the phone is said to have a RAM size of 4GB and ROM of 64GB, and the chipset compatibility of the PRO model is going to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 and GPU-Adreno 610 version. Other features to be included are WiFi, Bluetooth, Browser, MP3, MP4, MMS, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator to mention but a few. The in-built battery of the capacity of the phone is going to be 4030mAh.

Our Verdict

With some negative reviews, Mi A3 had, The PRO version with all its features is undoubtedly going to be a better upgrade to the former. It’s indeed worth the wait!

Price & Availability

The PRO model is going to be sold at a mouth-watering price tag of $279.99.