Xiaomi Mi Band 5 | Top 5 Features | Release Date (Rumored)

In the summers of 2019, Xiaomi released Mi Band 4 on June 11. However, it is rumored that Xiaomi Mi Band 5 may release this year. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date will be somewhere around May 31 to June 22. To support this statement, 7 months back, Xiaomi’s CEO said that the company was already working on Mi Band 5. Remember that Xiaomi releases its wearable along with other products and a smartphone series in the conference which might be the long-awaited Mi Max 4 or the Mi MIX 4. However, apart from the release date, there are some of the features which will improve with the arrival of the fifth generation, meanwhile, some will remain the same such as the design for the sake of the same affordable pricing. So what will be the expected features in Xiaomi Mi Band 5, let’s find out:

Update: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been released. Here is everything you need to know about it:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Top 5 Features to Expect

1) Daytime Sleep (nap) Recording

This is more of a software base upgrade rather than a hardware base. We know that the greatest downside of the band is its inability to track daytime sleep. Moreover, the night time sleep pattern isn’t that accurate most of the time. That’s the reason why most users prefer the sleep tracker of Honor Band 5. However, it looks like Xiaomi will improve this in the Mi Fit v5.0. Not only Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will take advantage of this update but the previous generations as well. Looks like Xiaomi Mi Band series’ only major downside is about to get fixed.

Honor band 5
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have a sleep record similar to Honor Band 5

2) More Sports Modes Added

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 introduced us with some new sports modes including freestyle and swimming. Currently, it has 6 modes which are highly accurate to use. However, it’s time to increase it to 12 modes with the introduction to hiking, some extreme sports modes, badminton, and cardio. It would be great to see HIIT (high-intensity interval training) mode as well. However, some sports modes seem impossible to be added in the band including deep driving mode, since Xiaomi would have to make some reinforcement to the design and make it high-pressure waterproof which is absurd if Xiaomi plans to retain the same price of the previous generation.

3) Improved Ultra-Responsive Sensors with Altitude Measurement

Currently, Xiaomi uses the 6-axis motion sensor: a 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope. The 3-axis accelerometer is responsible for sensing front, rear left, and right (three-dimensional space). Meanwhile, the three-axis gyroscope separate dynamic information that senses left and right tilt, front and rear tilt, and left and right swing. However, we don’t see an altimeter sensor at all. This means that it will give somewhat false steps and distance reading during stair climbing and hill climbing. Moreover, even the current motion sensor isn’t that responsive when compared to Honor Band 5. Xiaomi will be looking to improve this with the ultra-responsive motion sensor and the addition of a two-axis altimeter which makes 9-axis in total.

Altimeter Mi Band 5

4) SpO2 Functionality Added

After dynamic and static Heart Rate improvement over the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the only feature it misses is the SpO2 which is again an advantage of its competitor ‘Honor Band 5’. And even the next generation of Honor Band series will likely feature it. So, it’s a good chance for Xiaomi to allow its user to check their blood oxygen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 SpO2

5) Durable Capsule Design with Magnetic Designing

The capsule design is the greatest highlight of the mi band series. The design and appearance are what makes it better than the Honor Band series. Just to sell it at the same price as the previous generation, Xiaomi will retain the color OLED design in Mi Band 5. There’s a temperated class on each generation but seems to get scratch easily. This time Xiaomi will insure to make it scratch-less with the Gorilla Glass coating.


Furthermore, there are some problems with the strap-like loosening over time and buckle opening. However, they will be further improved. Some of us do hate the charging design of the band, which will soon be replaced by magnetic charging.

Other aspects like the size and appearance will remain the same and the new generation’s straps will be compatible with the older generation.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price & Availability

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be priced at:

  • 169 yuan ($25) / Rs.1850 INR for non-NFC version
  • 229 yuan ($33) / Rs.2440 INR for NFC version

As you can see, Xiaomi will retain the price of the previous generation for the fifth generation as it did with Mi Band 4 with the same price as Mi Band 3.