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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Releases | Specs | New Features | Price

Today, finally, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 officially releases. It supports Dynamic dial for the first time, uses magnetic charging for the first time, a more powerful PPG sensor, and supports REM sleep monitoring. What’s more? Let’s find out!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 box

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – Everything We Need To Know!

Design & Appearance

The fifth generation of the Mi Band uses the same capsule design as the previous generation. The only visible change is the screen size and the touch button with an arc layout.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 preview 2

At the back, we have the Mi logo, the upgraded PPG sensor, and the metal terminal for magnetic charging. The band also retains its IP68 certification with being waterproof up to 50 meters.


As for the band, it uses a soft and dense TPU skin-friendly wristband, which is available in 8 colors.

Screen & Display

One of the major upgrades in the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the 20% increase in the screen size when compared to the fourth generation. It’s a 1.1-inch dynamic color display screen. The maximum brightness of the screen backlight is 450nit, and like the previous generation, the brightness is adjustable. One can easily read from the band under sunlight.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 preview 1

Clock Faces / Dails

The new Mi Band 5 supports more than 100 themed clock faces. These include the previous digital ones and the new analogue ones as well.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 preview

The dynamic dial is used in the mi band series for the first time. This means that every time you raise your wrist, the dial turns live.

Hardware & Functions

The performance of the Mi Band 5’s PPG biosensor is more reliable. The accuracy of sleep monitoring is increased by 40%, and the accuracy of irregular heart rate monitoring is increased by up to 50%. New health-related functions are added including:

  • Sleep REM (rapid eye movement period) monitoring + all-day monitoring (including naps)
  • Women’s health
  • PAI vitality index
  • Stress detection
  • Breathing training guidance

In terms of sports, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 adds five sports modes: rowing machine, yoga, skipping rope, elliptical machine, and indoor riding. It supports a total of 11 sports modes and realizes full coverage of indoor and outdoor sports scenarios. In total, we have 11 sports modes, including the full support of indoor and outdoor sports scenarios.

The remote camera feature is also present this time as well. Connect the band with the phone, and use the camera menu from the watch to take shots from the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Features 1

Like always, we have the NFC version as well. There’s no official confirmation of the global NFC version like we have for the Mi Band 4, but we might see it in the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global NFC version. As for the Chinese one, there’s Alipay and the newly added UnionPay. There’s also XiaoAi voice assistant and Mi Smart Home control via Voice.

Battery & Charging

The charging method is upgraded to a magnetic attraction design. Now one can easily charge the band without removing it from the strap. The battery life is still 14 days when fully charged.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Magnetic Charge

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Features

Health watch Feature:

  • 11 sports modes (yoga, elliptical machine, rowing machine, skipping rope, indoor climb, swimming, freestyle, outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, walking)
  • Improved Dynamic (24/7) + static Heart rate monitoring (more HR limit alters)
  • Sleep tracker (upgraded to PEM eye movement period)
  • Pedometer (vertical and horizontal movement)
  • Calories burned, distance
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Stress Level Test
  • Women Health
  • PAI vitality index
  • Breathing training guidance

Smartwatch Features:

  • Chinese NFC: Alipay and UnionPay (for Chinese NFC version)
  • XiaoAi voice assistant (for Chinese NFC version)
  • Mijia smart home control (For Chinese NFC version)
  • Alarm
  • App notifications
  • Weather
  • Music Player
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Find Device
  • Alipay (for Chinese version only)
  • Remote Camera control
  • Analog watch face added
  • Dynamic dial

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Specs

  • 1.1 inches screen, 2.5D tempered glass, scratch resistance
  • AMOLED, 126 x 294 resolution, 193 PPI, 450 nits brightness
  • 125mAh battery (14 days standby),
  • IP 68 certified (5 ATM waterproof)
  • 6-axis motion sensor (accuracy upgraded with new algorithms)
  • Upgraded PPG sensor

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price and Band / Strap Colors

In terms of pricing, the standard version has a price tag of 189 yuan (27 USD/24 euro) and the NFC version is 229 yuan (32 USD/29 euro).

Model Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (Chinese version) Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (Chinese NFC version)
Price in Yuan 189 Yuan 229 Yuan
Price in USD 27 USD 32 USD
Price in Euro 24 euro 29 euro
Price in Indian rupees (India) Rs.2026 Rs.2454

The band colors have been increased as well to 8 optional colors (dynamic orange, vibrant yellow, graphite black, dark blue, bronze purple, Deep space blue, lotus green, light green).

Update 27/8/2020: You can grab Mi Band 5 for the best price of $27 and even a $2 discount if you order 2 pieces (coupon code: 90965KOLB). Here’s the link to the store in the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a Blood Oxygen Monitoring (SPO2) Feature?

No, it doesn't have a Blood Oxygen Monitoring feature.

Does Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can monitor sleep during daytime (nap)?

Yes, it can track daytime sleep (nap)

What's Different in Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

1. The display size has been increased to 20% which is 1.1-inches, in the Mi Band 5. 2. The PPG sensor has been upgraded for 50% improvement in abnormal Heart rate readings. 3. 5 new sports modes have been added 4. Remote camera feature added 5. Magnetic Charging added 6. Female health added

What is the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

The price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is 189 yuan for the standard version and 229 yuan for the NFC version