Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector Hits For 3999 Yuan | 120-inch screen, MIUI TV OS

Xiaomi adds another projector after the success of its Mi laser projector. But this time it’s under the sub-brand ‘Mijia’ with a much better price. Today, Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector releases for 2.5X lesser the price of Xiaomi Mi laser projector. The new projector features a 120-inch projection within 3 meters and starts selling on June 1.

Get’s dive into the details of the projector to know it better:

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector – An Affordable Projector With MIUI TV OS

Design & Appearance

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector appears to be a compact, tower-shaped projector. It forges from aluminum with the front and rear shell being smooth and elegant. With a minimalist style and superior texture, it can easily set with the home environment. Probably, the size of the projector serves as one of the highlights of the projector along with its weight. Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector. Because of the design, the noise is greatly reduced, ensuring good heat dissipation. The running noise of the cooling fan is only 26dB.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector 11

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Concerning the aesthetics, it looks way better than Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector and even the size difference is tremendous. You will love to get a portable and cheaper projector with the trust of Xiaomi rather than a large, heavy Mi laser projector which crosses a thousand bucks.

Display & Features

The Mi projector can projector 40-120 inches display. To be more specific,  a distance of 2.5 meters can project a 100-inch screen, and a distance of 3.66 meters can project a 150-inch screen. It contains 2.07 million reflective lenses and uses a new light path design to increase projection brightness by 5%. The German OSRAM’s P1W/A light source have been used to achieve a brightness of 800 ANSI lumens and a good viewing experience during the day, with a lifetime of up to 10 years. Definitely, the lifetime isn’t as good as of Mi laser projector but it will be quite easy to maintain and replace the parts. The light source is consistent with the user’s actual viewing experience. Moreover, with the OSRAM’s P1W/A, the daylight display will be much better than Mi laser projector despite the fact that Mi laser projector has much more brightness.

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Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector supports HDR10 video decoding to display much clear picture with vivid colors and more realistic objects. At the same time, the projector incorporates Texas Instruments 0.47-inch DMD chip, with a native resolution of 1080P to make the text appearing on the screen clear.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector

Similar to Mi laser projector, despite the stupendously low price, Mi Mijia projector provides cinematic sound effects with Dolby technology. It uses a 2-inch 10W dual-speaker dual-passive audio system. This allows you to immerse yourself in the world with both low-frequency and loud pitch, whether you are watching a movie or playing a game.

The placement after moving is even more simple. The Mi projector supports auto-calibration. It only takes 3 seconds to complete the auto-focus. It also supports ±45° trapezoidal correction.

Connectivity & OS

Speaking of how compact the projector is, we can judge by the fact that the Mijia projector has a built-in power supply inside the fuselage. It only requires one power cord to connect to the socket, and no external power supply is redundant.

At the rear, we can find various ports such as HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, Jack + S/PDIF compatible 3.5mm audio port. Regarding wireless connectivity, the projector is ‘smart’ itself, providing dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 support.

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The best part and the greatest selling point of the projector is that it runs on the same OS of Mi TVs or Mi TV Boxes. The MIUI TV OS provides Xiaomi’s massive video resources. Intelligent Patchwall can recommend customized content based on your viewing habits, as well as a new children’s model. It also provides children with rich, healthy puzzle content. Mijia projector also supports voice control, just say or press and hold the voice key on the remote control to give instructions.

The Selling Points

  • MIUI TV OS with voice control
  • 3 seconds autofocus
  • Premium compact aluminum built
  • In-built dual speakers
  • Supports HDR10

The Low Points

  • Still somewhat expensive

The Verdict

In short words, it’s simply a compact, lightweight Mi TV with a max display of 150-inches offering the same UI experience. This time, rather than providing a premium laser projector with an excellent display, Xiaomi focuses on the budget-friendly section and provides an easy-to-use, compact projector under 3999 yuan. Though it’s still expensive in comparison to other Chinese projectors, yet, we have the trust of Xiaomi there.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector - 2

Price & Availability

Xiaomi Mi Mijia Projector will start selling on June 1 across China for a price of 3999 yuan (623 USD / 535 euros). International availability is still in question. We will inform you as soon as it’s available to buy globally via Gearbest, Aliexpress, and other Chinese online stores. So stay tuned!