Xiaomi Mi MIX 10 & MIUI 15 Expose On Xiaomi’s Data Grading Wall!

It looks like the upcoming smartphone from the Mi MIX series might not be called Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, but Xiaomi Mi MIX 10. Moreover, the next generation of the MIUI OS will be MIUI 15 not MIUI 13.

These terms were exposed from Xiaomi’s Weibo account when both Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and MIUI 15 appeared on the company’s data grading wall.

Considering that this year is the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi, it is entirely possible to name the next-generation MIX flagship as MIX 10. Before this, Xiaomi has also skipped some versions when it comes to numbering. In the premium Mi series, we saw Mi 8 skipping Mi 7.

This also means that the MIX flagship will release in the second half of this year. It is rumored that Xiaomi might release three flagships in the second half of this year namely, Xiaomi Mi MIX 10, Xiaomi Mi MIX 10 Pro And Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro+. Previously, we have already seen Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Concept design, now Xiaomi Mi MIX 10 concept design.

As for MIUI, from the exposure, the next-generation MIUI version will be named MIUI 15, skipping the numbers “13” and “14”.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s official Weibo has already deleted such pictures, which seems to imply that Xiaomi Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15 are the correct information.

Xiaomi weibo post MIUI 15 Mi MIX 10

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