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Xiaomi Mi MIX Story – CEO Reveals How Xiaomi MI MIX Was Named

Naming a flagship is the most crucial step. A name of the flagship attracts the most as it’s the first thing to hear when the rumors or release hits. Such is the case for Xiaomi smartphones. It’s not hard to determine the name from the family. For example: if Mi 6 releases, then we know that Mi 7 will release next year. But what if some flagship comes out of nowhere like Xiaomi Redmi Pro? Well, then the naming will excite everyone before the specs, design, performance or anything else. Sometimes, you might have decided a name year back but suddenly innovation strikes your mind, and you end up having a different name. This is what happened with Xiaomi’s first full-screen phone who made the full-screen era trendy, ‘Xiaomi Mi MIX.’ Yes, you heard it right! Here’s a Xiaomi Mi MIX Story:

Xiaomi Mi MIX Story

A couple of days ago Lei Jun on Weibo revealed how the Chinese manufacturer named Xiaomi Mi MIX. The MIX flagship was made to explore it as a masterpiece of black technology. That is why Xiaomi called it Mi X. Here the alphabet ‘X’ represents exploration and the unknown. They accidentally combined ‘X’ with ‘Mi.’  The word ‘MIX’ appeared to be easy to read. Thus the flagship Xiaomi Mi MIX became official. This is the Xiaomi Mi MIX story.

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Xiaomi Mi MIX Story – The Achievements

In fact, the name is only easy to promote a product symbol. However, the key is to rely on the product itself. At present, Xiaomi Mi MIX has won 16 awards. The top two includes:

  1. IDEA Design Gold Award 2017: This award has a prolonged history of 37 years, and only 12 smartphones have been blessed with it.  American Industrial Designers Association and the United States Business Week represents the award. The last one was iPhone 1 which grabbed in 2008. Till then no one was able to entitle with such an honorable prize. After a pause of nearly nine years, Xiaomi Mi MIX was presented with the IDEA Design Gold Award of 2017Xiaomi Mi MIX
  2. Finland National Design Museum collection: It is understood that the museum was founded in 1873. It’s the world’s oldest and well-known visual design museum, and Xiaomi Mi MIX is a part of it.

Xiaomi Mi MIX award

Now, the second generation has also been released. Let’s see what Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will achieve. Will it repeat Xiaomi Mi MIX story?