Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Box Rear

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Box Reveals Highlights – Four Sided Glass Body

Apart from its launch on September 11 along Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, this evening, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 box hit Weibo, revealing some highlights of the flagship.

The packaging appears to be a bit different one, especially the black color. However, the Note 3 written on the front is similar to that on Redmi Note 5A boxing. We should note that Xiaomi has the same boxing for all smartphones in accordance to the price tag. The budget-friendly phone has simple boxing while the premium ones like Xiaomi Mi MIX have exclusive packaging. So we might expect, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 to be a budget-friendly flagship, a bit cheaper than Mi 6.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Box Rear

At the rear bottom, we have the highlights illustrated. As shown on the Xiaomi Mi Noye 3 boxing, we will have:

  • A four sided glass (2.5D front glass + 3D curved rear glass) like Xiaomi Mi 6.
  • A front 16MP camera
  • Rear Dual Camera with Portrait Mode
  • Snapdragon 660
  • USB Type-C

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Box

Moreover, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 box contains the higher version which comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It looks like Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will abandon the dual curved screen of Mi Note 2. The official posters say:

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is a Larger Version of Xiaomi Mi 6, Self-Styling Beauty Mode, Shoot More Beautiful 

From the specs point of view, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (Snapdragon 660) is a bit lower in performance than Mi 6 (Snapdragon 835). This time Xiaomi targets the upper mid-end smartphone market rather than going for high-end. Because Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is already covering the high-end market.

It’s a great strategy and this time Xiaomi will cover both high-end and mid-end market at the same time.