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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Released – Everything You Need To Know (Updated)

Xiaomi conference finally ends, the three flagships which were the highlights of the conference were: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, Xiaomi Mi Note 3, and Xiaomi Notebook Pro.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro was a surprise release, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 seem to be in the spotlight. But Xiaomi Note 3 wasn’t overshadowed by the flagship. The audience was attracted by Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Full screen 2.0. However, feature-wise Xiaomi Mi Note 3 led the way and managed to focus the attention of millions of Xiaomi fans around the world. What’s so special about the flagship, let’s find out:

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - highlights

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – A Big Brother of Mi 6

The poster suggested that Mi Note 3 will be a bigger version of Xiaomi Mi 6 and those posters didn’t lie at all. Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is a ditto copy of Xiaomi Mi 6 with the four-sided curved glass body (2.5D + curved 3D rear). It’s a hybrid of double glass (front and rear) and metal alloy (side frame). The metal frame this time is 7-series aluminum alloy.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - 7 Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - 8 Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - 6

Sadly, unlike its ancestor, Xiaomi Mi Note 2, the phone do not inherit the dual curved display. Maybe, Xiaomi considered the flat screen for a mid-end flagship. Plus, it also saves the production cost as well.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - compare mi 6

In short, it’s much larger than Mi 6 but surprisingly weighs 6 grams lower than it.

As far as the configuration is concerned, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 integrates a 5.5-inch Full-HD screen. The heart of the flagship is the new Snapdragon 660. We can say that:

It’s one of the first flagships to feature Snapdragon 660

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - 5

The SoC is coupled with 6GB RAM and 3500mAh capacity battery (support fast charge).

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 1
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 2
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – 4

Apart from the SoC, the front camera is the selling point of the smartphone. It has a 16MP resolution with Adaptable AI Beautify. Meanwhile, the rear one is the same dual 12 MP (wide angle + telephoto) camera with the 2x optical zoom like in Xiaomi Mi 6. But, the algorithms have been improved for a much natural background blur, edges sharpening, and more beautify images.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - dual camera

The phone runs on pre-installed MIUI 9, uses the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, support NFC, glove modes, and features Artificial Intelligent Face Recognization.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Vs iPhone 7 Plus - Glove mode
Xiaomi Mi Note 3(Right) Vs iPhone 7 Plus(Left) – Glove mode
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Vs iPhone 7 Plus - auto wake
Xiaomi Mi Note 3(Right) Vs iPhone 7 Plus(Left) – Auto Lift Wake
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Vs iPhone 7 Plus - Wet hands mode
Xiaomi Mi Note 3(Right) Vs. iPhone 7 Plus(Left) – Wet hands Mode

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 – Price & Availability

The flagship will be available in three different versions and will start selling tomorrow at 8:00 am (Beijing Time).

  • Standard Version (6GB+64GB+Black) for 2499 yuan ($383)
  • Higher Version (6GB+128GB+Black) for 2899 yuan ($444)
  • Exclusive Version (6GB+128GB+Blue Color) for 2999 yuan ($460)

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 - pricing

Update: You can now globally buy Xiaomi Mi Note 3 (64GB) Black verision for $459.99 and Blue version for $553.30. Here are the link to the store in the buttons given below: