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Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Downloading Speed Test Hits – Incredibly Fast!

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 will start selling on May 25 at a price of only 199 yuan (31.16 USD, 26.56 euros). Today, Xiaomi officially uploaded a video of Xiaomi Mi Router 4 conducting a downloading speed test to tease us.

The video shows that WPS Office sized 66.8MB at 300Mbps bandwidth, downloaded in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, according to the official data (under 300Mbps bandwidth), Xiaomi Mi Router 4 downloads:

  • QQ (69MB) software in an average of 3 seconds
  • Office (818MB) takes an average of 22 seconds
  • Windows 10 system (4.57GB) in 135 seconds
  • LOL client (6.8GB) in only 182 seconds, which is the fastest

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 Speed Test - Downloading Speed

According to the reports, one WAN port and two LAN ports integrated into Xiaomi’s router 4 are Gigabit Ethernet ports. In combination with 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi, the strength of 100Mbps/200Mbps or even 500Mbps bandwidth can be fully utilized, enabling users to enjoy high speeds.

We will inform you about its availability once the router releases.

Source (in Chinese)

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