XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer Review – 15 cups of Juice on Single Charge

Xiaomi is not only one of the most popular smartphone companies worldwide, since in addition to that it always makes the attempt to be at the forefront to be able to offer its users the largest number of home appliance products to facilitate their daily tasks, creating articles that stand out for their innovation as well as their quality, which guarantees us that they are durable. A clear example of this are the devices that can be used in the kitchen, since, like the XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer, they are able to improve and facilitate all those needs that we have in our day to day.

Today we are going to talk precisely about this product, and we will see everything it has to offer us.

15 cups of Juice on Single Charge

XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer Review – Design & Appearance

The first category that this product is going to talk about is the design that it has, since one of the biggest reasons why Xiaomi is so well known and loved by users is because its different products and devices have a great and simple design This portable blender has a very minimalist design and pleasing to the eye, since it is only based on a glass body with a considerable thickness to prevent its rapid breakage and a lid that, in addition to having the function of protecting our drinks, also has a small engine, which will allow us to liquefy or crush any food we want by simply clicking on the power button on it.

In addition to all that, although the body this device is made of transparent glass, its lid comes with a special touch, since it is available in the colors white and pale pink. In addition to that, with the simple use of the glass, up to 400 ml of liquid can be protected, while if it is to be used as a blender, only 300 ml can be protected.

XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer Review - Design & Appearance

XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer Review – Performance

Turning to talk a little about the operation that has or can be given to this product, the truth is that there is not much to say, since the devices presented to us by Xiaomi usually have a more than simple operation, and we must say that this is no exception. This small but powerful blender can be easily used as a simple glass to safely protect the fruits or vegetables we want, although it also has the function of a portable blender, just as the name implies, so you must have a secret behind.

In fact, this device has a special cover and different from the others on the market, since, although it can be noticed because it is a bit thick, this thickness is due to the fact that inside it is a high-power motor which has a battery with a capacity of 1400mAh that It is capable of liquefying any type of soft fruit, as well as not so hard vegetables. This smoothie mechanism found in the XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN is not only very effective, but it also helps a lot when you don’t have time to prepare a smoothie at home, either because you have a work meeting or You have to go to exercise.

XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN Star Juicer Review - Performance

Where can you buy this product?

In case you are interested or interested in acquiring this device, here we have the solution. The XIAOMI MIJIA 17PIN is available in the AliExpress online store next to a market price of $29.70, and by clicking on the following purchase button you will go directly to the store and you can purchase your own portable blender.