XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier: UV-C Instant Sterilization under $80

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Xiaomi is well-known for its high-quality products when it comes to smartphone, but this time around they’re bringing this uniqueness into the world of air humidifiers. In subsequent times, the Chinese manufacturer was known for designing humidifiers and launching them under several brands. But here? it’s a different case! The smart air purifier, XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L is designed and developed by their own technological innovation. Similarly, just like the Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier, XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier is quiet and not interrupting when used. This is basically one of the interesting features possessed by the smart air purifier.

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier – why the quiet smart air purifier is preferred

Design & Appearance

To help make for perfect air purification, the smart air purifier is designed to bear a capacity of 4.5L and the purifier itself weighs below 2 kilograms (1.9kg). Speaking of the capacity XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier beats another Xiaomi humidifier, Soothing 319 Clear Cactus Ultrasonic Air Humidifier by a 0.5L difference. However, when considering the outward design, Soothing 319 Clear Cactus Ultrasonic Air Humidifier takes the lead on this one with an image of a cactus that leaves a feeling you’re growing a beautiful green plant. The compact size of the Smart air purifier is 190x190x353 mm. The smart air purifying device is designed to operate at a steady speed of 300 + 50 ml/h. And during the cause of operation, it produces insignificant noise (up to 38dB) and has a 25W nominal power.

XIAOMI Mijia 4.5L Smart Air Purifier

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Features & Functions

Another unique feature of the quiet air purifier is the use of ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 280 to 100 nanometers. And what makes it so unique is not just that it operates inside the humidifier but also that it allows you to clean the water from dust particles and other harmful substances. And due to the fact it functions also as a cleaning mechanism, water vapor that enters the air from the smart air purifier is harmless and free from all trace of impurities. And water vapor entering the air is made possible by a special electric valve that drives the force. Also, to help speed up the release of moisture a bottom annular intake is made available.

So what’s smart in it? Well, it can be connected and operated via a smartphone App. Not a dedicated one, but it works on Mijia Home App which allows you to effectively all your mijia home products on a single screen.

Selling Points

  • Insignificant noise level up to 38dB
  • UV-C based technology that releases pure and healthy water mist
  • water tank capacity of 4.5L
  • Transparent water gauge

Our Verdict

Health-wise, the smart Air Purifier is perfect for the home as it releases pure and healthy water mist. With less noise, operation of the smart air purifier is not disturbing which is definitely a plus. When considering these unique features and more, it is preferred amongst other air purifiers.

Price & Availability

This smart air purifier is only available in white color and can be purchased for the best price at BANGGOOD for only US$ 79.99. Here’s a link to the store:

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