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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer Hits – Most Compact Juicer for $15

On July 31, Xiaomi Mijia portable juicer will be on Xiaomi official website for crowdfunding at 10:00. The official price of the juicer is 99 yuan (around $15), but the crowdfunding price is only 89 yuan ($13).

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer – Simply Innovative and Lightweight

Gone are those days when the juicers were heavy, noisy, and only work on the direct plugin. One of Xiaomi’s sub-brand ‘Mijia’ came up with the breakthrough design of a portable, quiet, and lightweight juicer which is powered by a rechargeable battery. And it’s not the first time Mijia did something innovative. The Chinese company is renounced for providing innovative products to the world.

Inheriting the “Mi-Look” design, Mijia portable juicer uses a simple white base, 350ml cup design, food-grade safety materials built. The product supports 2 hours fast charge. The juicer has a 4-leaf steel blade with a high-speed motor. Mijia claims that it can make juice within 40 seconds.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer 2 Xiaomi Mijia Portable Juicer

Compared with the traditional juicer machine, the Mijia portable juicer is much smaller in size and weight. The overall size and weight are similar to those of the insulated cup, which can be easily placed in the bag and in the trunk. The cup has a capacity of 350ml, which is equivalent to the capacity of a bottle. The operation is also quite simple. Press the button twice to start the juicer, and make a cup of freshly squeezed juice in 40 seconds.

It is reported that the battery capacity of the Mijia portable juicer is 2000mAh, and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge. 15 cups of juice can be squeezed at full power on a single charge. Not only that, but mobile powerbank is also supported.

In addition, the Mijia portable juicer also comes with a self-cleaning function. The user only needs to put a proper amount of water in the cup, fasten the base, and press the switch twice. The water will be formed automatically in the cup for self-cleaning. The cleaning time is 40 seconds, and the internal blade can be completed without hurting the hand.

The Selling Points

  • 2000mAh battery, 15 cups of juice at one charge
  • 2 hours quick charge
  • Powerbank charging supported
  • Highly portable, lightweight
  • 350ml cup
  • 40 seconds to make juice
  • Self-cleaning with water

Price & Availability

At the moment, the product is at crowdfunding and is only available in China for a price of 99 yuan (around $15), and crowdfunding price of only 89 yuan ($13). We will update the article once it’s available for international purchase.

Update 8/6/2019: Total number of Mijia portable juicer crowdfunding exceeded 40,000 units, the current crowdfunding reached in advance. The crowdfunding price is 89 yuan/$13.

Update 11/25/2019: The Juicer is available on Aliexpress and other Global sites to buy for a slightly higher ($25 to $30 USD). Here’s the link to the store:

Xiaomi Mijia Protable Juicer Crowdfunding price

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