Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 featured

Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 – The Cheapest Rice Cooker, 24 Modes!

On November 25th, Xiaomi announced crowdfunding a new product which is the Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1. It’s the cheapest rice cooker to date.

Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 – When Price Doesn’t Define a Product

The highlights of the Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 are the built-in 8 cooking modes, special cooking time button, 6-speed timing selection.

The C1 rice cooker has the 3L capacity and can cook 8 bowls of rice at once, and meet the daily use of 2-4 families.

The built-in 8 cooking functions include normal cooking, 20 minutes hot water, hot rice, cake function, porridge, soup, etc., while the heating time of the special cooking mode comes with 24 different cooking modes.

Furthermore, the Mijia Rice Cooker C1 has a built-in 24-hour smart reservation function, which can accurately locate the cooking end time, put the ingredients before going out, and return to eat the freshly cooked recipe.

Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 poster

It has 650W power, and can dynamically adjust the firepower, and adopts the improved new concave hot plate and the newly designed bottom convex inner tank. The combination of the two is tighter, which promotes the smooth distribution of heat flow during boiling and further improves the cooked rice.

Xiaomi Mijia Rice Cooker C1 featured

The top lid inherits the display of the hidden panel, and the screen is integrated with the body.

Price & Availability

Up to now, there are 6 products of the Xiaomi Mijia rice cookers: rice cooker C1, rice cooker, rice cooker IH 3L, rice cooker IH 4L, rice cooker IH, rice cooker IH 1S priced at 149 yuan, 199 yuan, 399 yuan, 599 yuan, 999 yuan, 1099 yuan respectively.

Among these, the new Mijia rice cooker C1 is the cheapest with a crowdfunding price of 129 yuan / 18 USD and a retail price of 149 yuan / 21USD.

The Chinese can buy it from the official Xiaomi website, meanwhile, the global buyers have to wait for its global release on websites like Gearbest, Aliexpress and so on.