Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set price

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set Releases As a New Kitchen Product

Yesterday, along with the release of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 series and Amazfit Verge 2 series, Xiaomi also launched a wide range of other consumer electronic products. Among them was the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set.

Mijia declares that Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set is specially made for the high-value kitchens out there. No one could have ever imagined that a traditional stove set could be redesigned and made smart as Mijia did with this Smart Stove Set. It appears that this is the first smart home appliance of Mijia, which has achieved a creative breakthrough in process quality. The hood reduces the dimensional limit of the finished product from an average of 3-4mm to less than 0.4mm. Let’s get into the details and know what’s so special about the smart stove set:

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set – Not Your Average Looking Stove Set

According to Mijia, it has six major highlights:

  • It has an innovative and elegant design for high-value kitchens
  • Large dive ring suction (21 cubic meters)
  • The automatic cruise booster system
  • Highly optimized for high-rise building exhaust
  • Easier to clean
  • Features a large capacity concealed magnetic oil cup

Furthermore, concerning the durability, this smart stove set comes with 10 safety protection along with an Italian ORKLI flameout protection system, smoke stove intelligent linkage, smartphone remote control, and a smoke stove status inquiry.

Because of the large suction of 21 cubic meter/min, in the kitchen of 7 square meters, 3 meters high, it can clear the smoke and odor in just one minute. Moreover, it supports the smart/intelligent linkage of the smoke stove, such that the fire automatically adjusts the exhaust air volume.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set suction

Concerning the design as a major selling point, according to the official introduction, the traditional range hood of the stove doesn’t have technology in it. The shape of the traditional stove is angular and sharp. That is why it is dangerous and quite easy to hit. The new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set solves the problem with a much better integrated seamless body with a large rounded corner design.

Selling Points

  • Elegant and innovative design
  • App control
  • Smart linkage of fire and exhaust air volume
  • 10 safety protection
  • Large dive ring suction
  • An automatic cruise booster system
  • Relatively cheaper than other high-end stoves

Price & Availability

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove set will sell for a price of 1999 yuan ($289) on June 16 in China. The global availability of the product is still in question. If Gearbest, Aliexpress, or any other Chinese store starts selling this, we will let you know. So stay tuned!

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Stove Set price