Xiaomi Periscope Lens Patent Exposure – Used in Upcoming Phone!

Today, according to China’s State Intellectual Property Office information display, Xiaomi has applied for a periscope lens patent. The patent application was submitted on December 20, 2018, and got publicly approved on July 2, 2019.

Xiaomi Periscope Lens Patent Leaked


The patent summary shows that the camera assembly described in the Xiaomi patent scheme includes a main lens + at least one periscope secondary lens. A periscope auxiliary lens is provided by arranging the main lens for the camera assembly and at least one periscope secondary lens whose optical axis is perpendicular to the optical axis of the main lens and fitting the light entrance of the periscope auxiliary lens to the light exit of the main lens. It can achieve different zoom magnifications with the main lens without increasing the thickness of the main lens. This improves the zoom effect, user interest and user experience of the camera components and the electronic devices using the camera components.Xiaomi Periscope Lens Patent Leaked Design

It is rumored that Xiaomi will hopefully use this Periscope Lens in its upcoming smartphone.

Source (in Chinese)