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Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - featured

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger Review: Metal Built, Fast Charge Under $10

Today, Xiaomi’s sub-brand ‘Qingmi’ releases its first car charger known as ‘Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger’, priced at only 59 yuan (around $9). The best aspect is that there’s no car charger on the planet which can offer a metal built, and 3.6A high current dual ports under $10.

Let’s get into the details to the Chinese car charger better in this Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger Review:

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger Review – A Premium Built at a Budget- Friendly Price

The Unboxing

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger comes inside a transparent plastic packaging. The gray car charger and the blue Xiaomi Qingmi logo are prominent under the white background. The highlights of the car charger are mentioned one by one on the front right side, clearly visible under the transparent cover.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - box

The back side standardizes the detailed parameters of the product which includes the product model QU0020, input 12~24V, single port output 5V/2.4A, and dual port total output 5V/3.6A. It is manufactured by Qingmi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - box 1

Sadly, there’s nothing interesting when it comes to accessories. The manufacturer has only provided the users with the user manual (in Chinese) and the car charger itself in the packaging. However, it’s totally fine for the manufacturer to provide no USB cables with the product, since the price of the product itself is quite affordable.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - accessories

Design & Appearance

Speaking of the design and appearance first,  Qingmi car charger (model QU0020) is forged from aluminum alloy and follows the three-stage design similar to the popular Redmi 6 smartphone series.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - size
Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger is brilliantly designed to be as compact as possible.

Bid farewell to the cheap feeling of plastic car charger, adding a metallic beauty to the car. I believe that a metal car charger is always the best partner for leather seated car. In the car, I was tired of looking at various leather cushions. I inadvertently pick up this metal car charger and it brings a lot of freshness.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - featured

The curves and the compartments are clearly defined. Furthermore, the head is sleek (has a sleek transition design) making it more eye-catching and convenient to insert and pull.

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Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - rear

The two USB ports are provided at the rear, which are excellent in workmanship. A 45° cutting angle is used at the corner to highlight the unique luster of the metal.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - front

It is worth mentioning that the dual USB ports of the car charger surrounds by a circular blue LED indicators so that you can know the working status of it at any time. When using at night, you can see it clearly without turning on the lights.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - car
Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger fits perfectly in the car cigarette lighter section
Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - LED indication
The Blue LED indicates that the car charger is working

Hardware & Performance

In terms of specifications, the input ranges around 12~24V, single port output 5V/2.4A, dual port total output 5V/3.6A. The dual USB ports intelligently identifies the charging device and automatically matches the appropriate current without damaging the phone.

Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger review - current measure

In terms of safety, it supports five safety protections:

  • Intelligent identification of matching current
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection

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Pros & Cons


  • Metal Built
  • Dual USB ports with circular LED indicator
  • 3.6A Fast Charge
  • Intelligent Adjustment and Charging
  • Jaw dropping price tag


  • No App Support
  • No FM radio or voice recognition

Our Verdict

Though other car chargers might have these features but none of them can offer these highlights at such stupendous price. Even if we miss features like voice recognition and FM radio, Qingmi Car Charger is still the best choice if one is in search of a car charger offering a premium metal built and fast charging under $10.

Price & Availability

As Xiaomi Qingmi Car Charger (grey or black colors) has just released, it’s only available in China right now for a price of 59 yuan ($8.5). However, we expect the global Chinese stores to sell it for a price range around $10. It’s not available for global purchase, but we will update this review with the buying link whenever a Global Chinese store is offering it. So, stay tuned!