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Xiaomi Smart Tracking 20W Wireless Charger Leaked – OOB Pairing!

Today, in Xiaomi 5G era charging technology communication meeting, Xiaomi announced the first 30W super wireless flash charger. Moreover, it brought a wireless charging accessory: vertical air-cooled wireless charger 30W. Furthermore, for the current smartphones supporting 20W wireless charging, Xiaomi is developing Smart Tracking 20W Wireless Charger. This charging accessory is of the same size as the 30W charger, but its internal design has automatic tracking coil. What’s the advantage of it? The user no longer needs to align the position, one by one for the wireless charging.

Xiaomi Smart Tracking 20W Wireless Charger

Xiaomi said that the wireless charger uses OOB pairing technology, the pairing is faster and the charging is more stable. An ultra-quiet fan is also built in to actively dissipate heat.

From the official renderings, the 20W tracking wireless charger’s top base can also display time and power information.

The release date of Xiaomi Smart Tracking 20W Wireless Charger is not announced nor the pricing.

Xiaomi also announced that the future high-end flagship will be equipped with triple fast charging: high-speed cable, high-speed wireless, high-speed wireless anti-charge. In addition, Xiaomi 40W super wireless fast charger technology has also entered the testing phase. Let’s see when both of these chargers will release and at what price.

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