Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Teaser image

Xiaomi Official Teases Xiaomi Mi Band 3 On Twitter – Similar To Mi Band 2!

Today, this morning, Xiaomi surprisingly posted a post and teased the audience. The image was of a smart bracelet similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The picture appears to be of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Xiaomi Official on Twitter said:

Can you guess what it is?Mi Twitter

There’s a pretty good chance that the teaser might be of none other than Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Although, the smart band appears to be similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 2, however, the finishing is way better. Furthermore, it is also rumored that the Mi Band 3 will not have any drastic changes in the design but the hardware, algorithms, and most importantly the app which is Mi Sports will be improved.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Teaser image

Previously, in black shark conference, Lei Jun was also wearing a Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which appeared to be similar to Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The third generation will be equipped with the same OLED display, supporting touch operations. The user can simply switch between time, heart rate, weather, notifications, and sports information by sliding up and down or just by tapping.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Lei Jun
Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The upcoming health wear might fix the greatest down point of Mi Band 2 which is the static heart rate monitoring. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 might support dynamic heart rate monitoring, checking the pulse rate after every 10 to 30 minutes.

Moving to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 release date, ‘Pan Jiutang’ partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment Department said that it won’t release until June.