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Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review | Xiaomi’s Cheapest Treadmill

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Recently, Xiaomi Youpin released Xiaomi Urevo U1 (actually called U’REVO), a portable treadmill similar to the famous Xiaomi WalkingPad series (A1, C1, A1 Pro, R1). Not only is it cheaper than most of the Xiaomi WalkingPad treadmills but also has an upgraded display on the body. So, let’s quickly move to the Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review to know this portable treadmill better and compare it with the existing WalkingPads from Xiaomi:

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Cheaper But A Better Version of C1

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Specifications Sheet (Specs)

ModelUrevo U1
Dimensions1485 x 552 x 107 mm (Unfolded)
Body BuildAluminium Alloy
Running beltHigh-density fiberboard
Walking Area1200 x 420 mm
Net weight25 kg
Gross Weight30 kg
DisplayYes, on the main body
Remote ControllerYes
Sports ModesWalking, Brisk Walking, Jogging
Speed Range0 to 6 km/h
Rated Power0.75 HP (560W)
MotorCarbon Brush
Vertical StorageNo
Arm RestNo
Safety KeyNo
AccessoriesPower Cable (1.5 meters long)


Remote Control


User Manual (Chinese)

Silicone oil

After-sales service card

Price999 yuan (143 USD / 125 euro) (in China)


300+ USD (Global)

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – The Unboxing

Starting the Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review with the unboxing, the packaging of Xiaomi Urevo U1 isn’t that large in comparison to Walking A1, C1, and R1. The package size is 164 x 65 x 14cm and has a gross weight of 30kg (5kg more than the net weight of the product).


On the front, we have the treadmill design along with five main features of the product. These include:

  • one-piece body
  • minimalist design
  • a lightweight frame
  • safe child lock
  • intelligent detection
Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Packaging Main Features

As far as the safety of this huge product is concerned, Xiaomi tries its best to offer maximum protection by offering multiple foam layers and frames in the box. The WalkingPad perfectly fits the foam holders and doesn’t move. The rest depends upon the shipping company.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Packaging Padding

All the accessories are packed in one plastic packaging including:

  1. Power Cable (1.5 meters long)
  2. Remote Control
  3. Wrench (Hexagon, used to adjust the sliding and correction of the walking belt, check manual)
  4. User Manual (Chinese)
  5. Silicone oil
  6. After-sales service card

In China, Xiaomi also gives the lubricating oil with the WalkingPad, however, it’s not provided in the global shipping. You can use any machine lubricating oil. Apart from this, the manual is in Chinese as well. It’s operated in the same way as other Xiaomi treadmills.


  • There’s enough padding to make the packaging safe from jerks and damaging
  • All the necessary accessories are given with the treadmill

  • The user manual is in Chinese only

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Design & Appearance

Moving to the design and appearance part of this Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review, The U1 features a black mainstream design and innovative integrated frame structure. The integrated frame structure not only enhances the strength of the treadmill but also effectively reduces the resonance generated during exercise and greatly reduces the noise generated during exercise.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - First Impression

Compared with the disturbing sound of the treadmill, the walking pad is indeed more suitable for home environment use, and it does not occupy too much space. It occupies a space of 148.5 x 55.2 x 10.7 cm and weighs 25kg. It’s larger than the WalkingPad C1 and A1, and smaller than R1. Moreover, comparing the weight, it’s lighter than both A1 and R1, but heavier than C1.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Top

The running/walking area is 120.0 x 42.0cm which isn’t the level of Amazfit AirRun or any other professional level treadmill. However, it’s enough for personal use and is almost the same as the running area of WalkingPad A1 and C1, slightly smaller than R1.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Design 1

At the bottom front, we have the power cord interface and the red switch button. I do hate that the switch is present there. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if they had added it to the front panel? This would have saved the effort of bending down and interacting with the switch.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Power Cord

What’s the running belt made of?

It is well known that the Xiaomi treadmills pay the most attention to the running experience. To make the user more comfortable, the Urevo U1 WalkingPad uses five layers of diamond pattern composite running belts, which are PET wear-resistant layer and PVC reinforced layer thanks to the PET reinforcement layer, NBR cushioning layer and PVC wear-resistant anti-slip layer.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Wokring

While running or walking on the treadmill, I feel that it is almost the same as on a plastic track. The grip is still relatively strong and the cushioning is excellent. All this is done to protect the knee. I have seen many people overdoing it and torn their TCL.

The bottom of Urevo U1 WalkingPad is also very simple and flat. The front part contains the motor. According to the official introduction, this walking pad uses a treadmill motor, which can provide a maximum speed of 6km/h.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Bottom
Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Bottom Side

The build material here is aluminum alloy making the chassis very thick and lightweight at the same time while also bringing stable load-bearing capacity. Since it’s a portable treadmill, weight matters the most. Also, I love the adjustable rear stand. After all, this design can better adapt to the uneven ground compared to other Xiaomi WalkingPads that cannot be adjusted.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Stand

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad is also equipped with two pulleys at the front end. These aren’t freely moveable, only front and back. So, one can easily move the walking pad by simply lifting the rear part. The movement is really smooth and easy, even all you beautiful girls can do it.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Wheels

As for the thickness, it’s 11 cm (the thinnest part is only 7 cm thick), allowing one to hide under the bed or sofa.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad does match the concept started by WalkingPad A1. Even though the design is almost different (the upgraded front LED panel and metal chassis design) but it does look like a treadmill from the Xiaomi walking pad series. We can say that it’s a better design version of Xiaomi WalkingPad C1.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Portability
Xiaomi Urevo U1 can easily be slid under the bed or sofa


  • The metal build similar to A1, A1 Pro, and R1
  • Larger walking area than C1, A1, and A1 Pro
  • Belt has great cushioning for Knee protection
  • 11 cm thick, equal to R1 thickness (thinnest in all of Xiaomi treadmills)
  • Adjustable rear stands

  • No vertical storage
  • No armrest supported

What’s the Lubricating Oil Recommendation for Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad?

The official recommendation is to add silicone oil every 3 months, with an amount of 5-10 ml each time, to avoid excessive slippage that affects normal use.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Screen & Display

The tabular-style LED high-definition display is integrated with the panel and is one of the highlights of the Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review. We can hardly detect it without turning it on, but once turned on, you can easily read the display, whether it is day or night. The U1 provides speed, calories, mileage and time, etc. One thing that is missing is the HR monitor which is visible in the Xiaomi Amazfit AirRun but not in any of the Xiaomi Walkingpads.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Display

The A1 and C1 do have the LED display, but in U1 it’s much clearer, larger, and a completely new design (It has a special segmentation instead of embedding it in the chassis).

Display section LED Xiaomi Urevo U1


  • Larger, clearer, dedicated LED display section
  • Shows every statistics

  • Doesn’t show the HR rate (all Xiaomi treadmills except for Huami Amazfit AirRun doesn’t have HR feature)

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Remote Controller

Further driving into the Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review, the remote controller is similar to Xiaomi WalkingPad A1’s remote control. It’s the same minimalistic design and the same button placement. The only differences are that the stop/start button sign is added and the wakeup/mode switch button has been removed.

Remote controller Xiaomi Urevo U1

I appreciate that it doesn’t have the LED display remote controller of the WalkingPad C1. It’s too inconvenient to hold the remote control to see the speed and other statistics every time while running or walking. All those are directly visible on your walking pad. All you have to do is just look down.

button battery of Xiaomi Urevo U1

It’s a 360-degree non-directional operational remote controller which uses the CR2032 button battery.


  • Minimalistic and easy to use the design of remote controller (it has only three buttons)

  • No mode change button present

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Safety Feature

The safety protection of UREVO U1 is also worth praising. The treadmill has added seven safety protection mechanisms:

  • no-load protection
  • anti-skid
  • anti-deviation
  • safe child lock
  • border warning
  • beginner protection/mode
  • emergency stop

When the walking pad is turned on, if no one is detected on the board, it will stop working (auto power off). While protecting the motor, it also avoids unnecessary waste. When it is not used for a certain period, the machine will be in a sleep state, waiting for activation at any time.

We have already discussed cushioning on the belt for knee protection. In short, a treadmill with no armrest can be quite dangerous to use, but that’s not the case with Urevo U1. Moreover, the armrest of the R1 isn’t compatible at all on U1.

  • There’s enough padding to make the packaging safe from jerks and damaging
  • All the necessary accessories are given with the treadmill

  • No emergency stop feature
  • Beginner mode is a must to go through

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Running Experience

Coming to the real part of this Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review is the running experience. The overall operation is very stable. We start by a default speed of 0.8km/h, and then increased at a speed of 0.1 each time you press the button.

running experience of Xiaomi Urevo U1

Similar to the other Xiaomi treadmills, it has the beginner mode at default so you can reach up to 3km/ h at first. Simply turn off the mode or complete it to reach the maximum speed which is 6km/h. I know that the maximum speed not that much, but just to remain fit and jogging it’s fine. Almost every Xiaomi WalkingPad has 6km/h speed excluding R1 which has 10km/h speed. The highest speed is of the Amazfit AirRun which is 15km/h.

There are 3 training modes integrated on the device:

  1. brisk walking
  2. jogging
  3. walking

Although the personal experience is somewhat different from daily walking, it is generally okay, and the speed is very uniform, making it easy to adapt to this changing process. The transition from slow walking to fast walking or even jogging is quite good. Even if you press immediately there will also be a gradual slow down process when the pause button is pressed. There will be no sudden braking.

In terms of foot feel and grip, UREVO WalkingPad U1 mimics the texture brought by the field plastic track. It not only has a strong grip but also has a certain degree of elasticity, which can relieve the joint pressure caused by walking.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review - Running Experience

The treadmill is super quite similar to the other WalkingPads, the noise is about 62dB and increases slightly as you get to the max speed. Since the speed isn’t that much, the walking pad doesn’t shake that much.

It still features the iconic three-section sensors design. If you are in the center of the walking area the speed with remain the same, if you reach the front area, the speed will increase, and if you reach the back area, the speed will decrease.


The weight limit is 90kg which is super fine for those who are overweight. For those with obesity grade 1 and above (100+ kg weight), this walking pad isn’t recommended. The motor is under power for this much weight. The rated power is only 0.75 HP (560 watts), almost equal to WalkingPad C1 and lower than A1, R1, and A1 Pro. For them, the Huami Amazfit AirRun is suitable if they still want a portable treadmill with a powerful motor (1.5 HP) or even the 1.25 HP WalkingPad R1.

Reminder! Do not use the walking pad barefooted to avoid slipping. It’s best to wear socks and sports shoes to give our ankle a certain degree of protection.

  • Running experience similar to A1 and A1 Pro
  • Wider running area
  • Great cushioning, stability even at max speed

  • The 3km/h beginner limit at the start

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – How to Operate It?

One can operate the Xiaomi Urevo U1 via the remote controller given. Here’s how to operate it:

  1. Connect the power cable
  2. Turn on the switch from the front bottom side
  3. Stand on the treadmill
  4. Press the play button (center one)
  5. Press ‘+’ to increase speed to 0.1 km/h (each press)
  6. Press ‘-‘ to decrease speed to 0.1 km/h (each press)
  7. Press the play button again to stop it

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad vs Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 vs A1 vs A1 Pro vs R1

ModelUrevo U1C1A1A1 ProR1
Dimensions1485 x 552 x 107 mm (Unfolded)1449 x 528 x 140 mm (Unfolded)1432 x 547 x 129 mm (Unfolded)1432 x 547 x 129 mm (Unfolded)1485 x 552 x 107 mm (Unfolded)
Body BuildAluminium AlloyPlastic (also has Aluminium Alloy version)Aluminium AlloyAluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy
Running beltHigh-density fiberboardAluminum alloyHigh-density fiberboardHigh-density fiberboardHigh-density fiberboard
Walking Area1200 x 420 mm1200 x 400 mm1200 x 415 mm1200 x 415 mm1200 x 440 mm
Net weight25 kg22 kg28 kg28 kg33 kg
Gross Weight30 kg25 kg31 kg31 kg38 kg
Maximum Weight Supported90 kg90 kg (100 kg advertised)90 kg100 kg110 kg
DisplayYes, on the main bodyYes, on the remote controlYes, on the main bodyYes, on the main bodyYes, on the main body
Remote ControllerYesYesYesYesYes
Sports ModesWalking, Brisk Walking, JoggingWalking, Brisk Walking, JoggingWalking, Brisk Walking, JoggingWalking, Brisk Walking, JoggingWalking, Brisk Walking, Jogging, Running
Speed Range0 to 6 km/h0 to 6 km/h0 to 6 km/h0 to 6 km/h0 to 10 km/h
Rated Power0.75 HP (560W)0.78 HP (588W)1 HP (764W)1 HP (764W)1.25 HP (918W)
MotorCarbon BrushCarbon BrushCarbon BrushNo brush motor (a better life)No brush motor (a better life)
Vertical StorageNoNoNoNoYes
Arm RestNoNoNoNoYes
Safety KeyNoNoNoNoYes
AppNoWalkingPad AppMijia AppMijia AppKS Fit
App LanguageNoEnglish / ChineseMulti-languageMulti-languageMulti-language
App Course LibraryNoNoNoNoYes

The Verdict

Ending this Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review, if you are tight on budget and want the lowest-priced WalkingPad from Xiaomi, Xiaomi Urevo U1 is your option. The metal design and the display panel look like the upgraded version of C1 WalkingPad with better pricing. However, we have to sacrifice the power here which is the lowest (0.75 HP) among all Xiaomi’s treadmills. Still, it has enough power to easily reach the 6km/h max speed as long as you are under the 90 kg weight category.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review – Price & Availability

I’ll be honest, even though the price of this WalkingPad in China is 999 yuan (143 USD / 125 euro), however, the global price of this product is around $300+. Like the rest of Xiaomi’s Walking pads, this one has a high international price (2x the original price). If you are interested you can grab it on Geekbuying (only store at the moment).

Update: The treadmill is also available on Aliexpress.

Disclaimer: If you are looking forward to buying this product, please buy from the links given above which offers the best price. We will be getting a small commission on the purchase which will be beneficial for the maintenance of this website.

I hope you loved the Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad review. Hit the comment box to share your thoughts and questions on this product. Also, you can rate it in the comment box.

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Image Credits: Zhongce

first impression
Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad Review | Xiaomi’s Cheapest Treadmill
Xiaomi Urevo U1 is the cheapest treadmill in Xiaomi's WalkingPad lineup. It's an upgraded version of Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 when it comes to design and LED section. It has more running area and C1, A1, and 1 Pro. However, it has the lowest motor power (0.75 HP) in all Xiaomi treadmills, which is fine if you are under the 90 kg weight limit.
Design & Appearance
Screen & Display
Remote Controller
Safety Features
Speed & Performance
Running Experience
Price/Performance Ratio
Reader Rating4 Votes
Larger running area than C1, A1, and A1 Pro
Highly compact (11 cm thickness)
Metal built
Durable belt
Same three sensors iconic design
Dedicated LED section
The Cheapest Treadmill in Xiaomi Lineup
Stable and great cushioning
Not suitable for fast running (max speed is only 6 km/h)
The most underpower treadmill in Xiaomi lineup (0.75 HP)
90 kg weight limit and underpower motor makes it not suitable for people who are obese (100kg+)
3km/h limit at start (Need to complete the beginner mode)
No arm rest
No emergency stop button or rope
Total Rating
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13 days ago

Hi! I just received this walkingpad and it doesn’t start. When i power it on on the lcd says error1 and after a few seconds error13. When i press buttons on the remote i hear the beeps, so it is working. Has anyone faced the same problem??

1 month ago

Hi Simon, did you mange to solve it?

Reply to  W.
27 days ago

Hi anyone..I manage to open setting after pressing + while opening. Now treadmill running fast and what is the default setting

1 month ago

I have similar issue, if someone can verify it I would be super gratefull.
To open settings, just hold + or – while device is starting…

1 month ago

Hello guys, has anyone was able to unlock the child mode by remote control? Unfortunately I have to unlock child-mode manually every time when the device is restarted.

1 month ago

Hi, can anyone get to settings menu and check what values their have there? By accident I changed my settings and now in child mode i can go from 0,8 to more than 12km/h, but in normal mode I can only go from 0,8 to 3km/h

3 months ago

What setting have you change? Mine 1hour 3km speed, then only child safe mode unlocked.

3 months ago

I wanna ask, why my urevo u1 always suddenly got error12(overload protection) when not even reach 1minute walk. Me and my wife only 60kg++. Please advise.

5 months ago

New owner of this walkingpad. I walked 3km (around 45mins) and the child lock came off. Finished my workout, unplugged it and put it away. Now I want to do a another walk and to my surprise it’s gone back to training mode even though I completed this yesterday? Is this right?

7 months ago

Hi, Thanks for the review ! A great help ! One question: Would you buy a Urevo U1 or a A1 ?

Peter Šoltis
Peter Šoltis
7 months ago

Hey, great review.
I bought it after this review and I received it today.
I camt figure out how to disable the child lock.

It says that once the treadmill gets to 3km, child lock turns off. However mine doesnt.
Please help!

Reply to  Roman.T
6 months ago

I only had to walk about 20 min for around 3km. Afterwards the child lock unlocks.

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