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Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 and A1 Pro App Guide – Mi Home (Android, iOS)

Welcome to another guide on how to connect Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 and A1 Pro on phone via its own app. Most of our readers fail to find the app for these portable treadmills they purchase. The reason is the Chinese manual which comes with these treadmills. However, in the manual, there’s the QR code given to the official app which is ‘Mi Home’ developed by Xiaomi Inc. For those of you how are looking for the official app to get the best out of their Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 and A1 Pro, here’s a step by step guide on how to install Mi Home app and how to connect it with the walking pad:

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 and A1 Pro App 5 Steps Guide

Step 1: Installing Mi Home App

Starting with finding the official app which is Mi Home, open the search bar of your Google Play Store (for android devices) and App Store (for iOS devices), and download/install it. For those who can’t find the app here’s the link to the Mi Home app for Xiaomi walking pads (Android), (iOS).

Mi Home App

Note: Mi Home App does support multi-language.

Step 2: Make a Mi account on the Mi Home App

Add a Mi account to the Mi Home App and sign in to use the app.

Question: How to Connect Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 and A1 Pro?

Step 3: Add device From the List of Products

For connecting the walking pad, after login in, click on the ‘+‘ illustrated at the top right of the screen in order to add a new product. After this, a list of products will appear. You can type the name ‘WalkingPad’ or ‘Mi Walking Pad’ in the search bar to make the walking pad appear. Click on the Mi walking pad to continue.

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 A1 Pro App Guide Step 2 and 3

Step 4: Set Your Walking Pad in Standby Mode

Once the device has been selected on your phone, you need to go to your walking pad and shift it to standby mode. To activate standby mode, press the right mode button for more than 2 seconds until the WiFi indicator blinks. Now the app can detect the walking pad.

step 4

Step 5: Appearing on App and Connecting

Now you will see that the device will be visible on the app in ‘Bluetooth devices nearby’. Click on the device, and don’t forget to click ‘Operation Confirmed’ and then ‘Next’ button to connect Walking Pad to the app.

step 5

All done! Your Xiaomi walking pad A1 and A1 Pro are now connected to the App ‘Mi Home’ and you can operate it from your phone and see the statistics of your run.

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Troubleshooting & Settings

You should note these things before connecting:

  1. Make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on
  2. Select China as the country/region on App
  3. The supported Wifi network for the connection is only 2.4GHz
  4. Make sure that the standby mode is turned on of the walking pad (after the wifi indication blinks)

Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 and A1 Pro use Bluetooth to connect itself to the phone. Once the app detects the device, it grabs an IP from the 2.4GHz Wifi network. The connection is only possible if the router is DHCP, can send the IP to the WalkingPad and the whole setup is updated on the Mi cloud. If your router is non-DHCP, or there’s a firewall on the router, it won’t connect.

Note: Once you have connected the walking pad to the app, it will be in Novice mode and the maximum speed you can reach is only 3 km/h. So you need to go through the Novice mode to move to the Auto-mode where the speed will increase from 3 km/h.

Novice Mode

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 A1 Pro App Guide - Novice Mode Xiaomi Walking PaXiaomi Walking Pad A1 A1 Pro App Guide Step 2 and 3d A1 A1 Pro App Guide - Novice Mode 1

Auto Mode

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 A1 Pro App Guide - Auto Mode

How to Switch Between Modes

Xiaomi Walking Pad A1 A1 Pro App Guide - Switching Modes

You can also read the difference between every Xiaomi Walking Pad model released in our article:

Hope this helps! If you face any problem, let us know in the comments.

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  1. I need change belt at wiaomi a1 pro wolking pad. But I don’t know how. Can you recomend a youtube video or some instruccions, please?

  2. Hi please can any one help.
    I have just purchased the Xiaomi p 1a walking pad, I am not able to add my device to the app 🙁
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, can we please have the same info for the walkpad R1?
    Also, I can’t connect to the app in china as I need to have a chinese mobile number, so any suggestions on how to connect to the walkpad and unlock the speed?

    1. Yes, there’s a problem with the walking pad R1. The app won’t let you sign in via email but instead the phone number. That is why the WalkingPad is known as China’s exclusive walking pad. At the moment there’s no solution to this. You have to find a Chinese with a phone number to remove the limit. Let’s hope the developers of the app know about this and fix this in their app update.

  4. I installed the app and connected to the Walkingpad. But everything is in Chinese in the app. I can’t have it in english like on your pictures. I guess I can’t change the country from China to Canada because I will lose the option for the Walkingpad. Please help!

    1. You can change the language from here:
      1) Open MiJi (mi home) App
      2) Click on Profile (Bottom right-hand icon)
      3) Click on Settings (Middle of the screen, most bottom category)
      4) Click on Language (Most bottom category)
      5) Change your language

      Please set the default location to China Mainland. If not there will be connectivity issues.

      I hope this helps.

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