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Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF Preview – A Projector That Matches LED TV Display!

Xiaomi consistently aims at serving its client base with predefined and eco-accommodating items. The Chinese brand is presently accompanying its subsequent stage in the projector business with a lead projector. It is an Ecosystem WEMAX A300 4K laser projector, best fit for little to medium size lounge. The brand is advancing the market with new specialized examples, which likewise helps boost the rate of new clients on the increase. With the outstanding specifications Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF has, it is without doubts that the advanced laser display technology projector has out-shadowed many others such as Mijia 4K Projector and Xiaomi Wemax One Pro, due some of their inefficiencies.

WEMAX L1668FCF projector preview design

Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF – Why Is It Better Than Mi, Mijia 4K Projector, and WEMAX One Pro?

Design & Appearance

Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF appears to be totally different from the other projectors we see on the market. It’s not square-shaped, neither it’s a completely pointy rectangle. Instead, it’s a lightweight and slim built with curved corners. It occupies less space and is lighter than Wemax ONE Pro.

xiaomi-wemax-l1668fcf-preview projector

To be honest, in terms of ADLP 3.0 projectors, you witness the best built here with the most appealing appearance. The pure glossy black and gold color contrast are simply perfect and alluring. Moreover, for a softer approach, the edges are curved. More importantly, there’s the iconic gold metal power button at the front center and a gold metal plate with ‘4K Laser Home Cinema Projector’ embedded on it. I really appreciate the sub-woofer head design on the front with small dots visible.

xiaomi-wemax-l1668fcf-preview projector top

With lots of vents on each side, the heat dissipation of the projector is much better than all other Chinese projectors including some previous entries from Xiaomi.

All of the ports are situated on the rear side which decreases the wiring mess around the projector. It has USB3.0, Headphone/Microphone Jack, Audio Input, Audio Output, SPDIF, 3x HDMI ports, and Ethernet port. There’s also keystone correction and an extra USB 3.0 port on the right side. In terms of wireless connectivity, it also has WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1.

Projection & Brightness

Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF is an ultra-short central length projector from 14 to 50 cm and what this simply implies is that you can put the projector at a short good ways from the divider and appreciate the enormous screen with an unmistakable picture. The throw ratio is 0.233:1 which is the same as other ADLP 3.0 projectors. The projector makes a picture size of 80 to 150 inches.

WEMAX L1668FCF projector preview projection

The angle proportion is 16:9 or 4:3. Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF projector comes with a 9000 lumens light source, surprising 250 nits of brightness which is the same as the international standard for the LED TV. You should note that light source is 2000 lumens more than Wemax One Pro and 4000 lumens more than Xiaomi Mi Laser projector. 

Similar to the Mijia 4K projector, the native resolution is 4K or 3840 x 2160 pixels. Just to explain, this is multiple times more than Full HD 1080P! Indeed, even in sunshine, it anticipates a splendid and point by point picture that analyzes to LCD TV. With the 8-point Trapezoidal Correction, one can easily set the projector on any plane.

WEMAX L1668FCF projector review design

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The color brightness is greatly improved, the proportion of red light is as high as 16.8%, the center contrast of the theater level is 4000:1, and the center brightness is 180 nits. Just for reference, Mijia 4K, Wemax One Pro, and Mi Laser projector have 2000:1 to 3000:1 contrast ratio. The projector bolsters memory cards up to 64 GB. Obviously, you can watch films and recordings in 3D, yet for this, you have to purchase those 3D glasses.

Noise & Sound

The Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF projector has a relatively low noise of 38 dB. Moreover, the front head has built-in stereo speakers that produce a cinema-like surrounding effect. No wonder why the front resembles a Bluetooth subwoofer.

This new Xiaomi WEMAX Projector can be used as a Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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Hardware & OS

For a better display, it has a 0.47 inch DMD chip making it superior over other expensive ADLP 3.0 projectors. This decreases the heat dissipation and improves the life of the projecting source. Moreover, there’s the infrared laser sensor on the front which prevents you from directly looking at the light source. When you look at the light source, it automatically decreases the brightness for your eye’s safety. So it’s a friendly projector for the toddlers out there. Talking out the light source, it has a lifespan of an impressive 20000+ hrs. If you use it for 6 hours daily, it can last for up to 9 years.

WEMAX L1668FCF projector review light

Talking about the OS, we have the same MIUI Android 6.0 TV experience present in other Xiaomi projectors and TV Boxes. Since it’s Google-certified there’s no restriction on Google services and one can enjoy Youtube in 4K as well as Netflix in 1080p. Though there are some extras as well such as the Chinese shows broadcasting live, that’s an extra for the streaming content available. Voice search is supported and is present on the remote controller as well.

Selling Points

  • 9000 ANSI Lumens, 250 nits brightness (standard brightness for LED TV)
  • 0.233:1 projection ratio
  • Equipped with a 0.47 inch DMD chip
  • 100% color brightness
  • 4000:1 central contrast
  • 18% red light ratio
  • 3840 x 2160 ultra-high resolution 4K HDR
  • Anti-Direct Looking Sensor

Our Verdict

If you are into purchasing the best Chinese projector out there, no doubt Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF projector surpasses the projection performance with it’s superior 4000:1 contrast, 100% brightness, a dedicated DMD chip, 9000 lumens light source and a brightness of 250 nits that reaches the level of an LED TV and last but not least 4K HDR projection. So you might feel no difference while looking at an LED TV or this projector even in daylight.

Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF over Wemax One Pro and Mi Laser Projector

  • Higher contrast ratio
  • 100% Brightness
  • Better projector design
  • Dedicated DMD chip
  • 250 nits display same as LED TV
  • 4K resolution

Price & Availability

You can get the Xiaomi WEMAX L1668FCF projector for a price of $2591.99. This is the lowest price of the projector available on Banggood. Here’s the link to the store: