Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator

Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator Hits for Only 699 Yuan ($104)

We have seen many Xiaomi products in various categories, but you would be surprised to know that its home appliances, manufactured in association with other brands, are very popular. Yunmi enterprise that is part of the Xiaomi ecological chain launched the Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator, which has already started receiving advance orders advance at the Jingdong Yunmi flagship store and at the WeChat Yunmi Mall. The pre-sale price is only 699 yuan.

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Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator Highlights

The Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator is known for its low power consumption. The refrigerator has a 68 mm high-density cooling insulation layer and a 47 mm cooling insulation layer. The isolation effect is excellent and will save a lot of electricity for the users.

Xiaomi Yunmi 118L Double Door Refrigerator

The Xiaomi Yunmi Double Door Refrigerator is not very large, is all the oppositive, it is very compact. We could say that it is smaller if we compare it with many refrigerators. For example, the lower part has the size of a chair, which allows to place it in small rooms, like a student dormitory, an individual apartment or your own bedroom.

But even if you see it small, this does not mean that it has not enough storage space inside. The freezer has a capacity of 29 liters and the cold room of 89 liters. All this adds up to a total capacity of 118 liters, which is enough for the daily use of two people, for one person it is more than enough.

It is equipped with a compressor of a famous brand in the industry, although it was not revealed which one. Also, it counts with high voltage protection of 1250V. So, whether the house is old or new, or the circuits are old or new, you can use the refrigerator without problems.

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