XREAL Air 2, XREAL Air 2 Pro and Beam Debuts | Future of Eye Vision

XREAL has released two new glasses in the Air series, XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Air 2 Pro. The watches allow consumers to look at the world with a new view, a smarter view. These watches have the leading AR technology, light technology, high PPI screens making them suitable for various scenarios, and much more. 

Release Highlights

  • The XREAL Air 2 comes with a Sony 0.55 inch Micro OLED with 4032ppi
  • It has Jinghong Ruiying 3.0 optical engine
  • The glasses have TUV Rheinland certificates and provide better usability
  • It has X-Spatial Sound 2.0 for a more immersive audio experience
  • The XREAL Air 2 Pro comes with electrochromic lenses.
  • Its lenses can be adjusted according to the scenario of the watch
  • XREAL Beam can be used for controlling and interacting with apps

XREAL Air 2 

The XREAL Air 2 smart glasses feature a Sony 0.55 inch Micro OLED screen with 4032 pixel density. It provides users with better display options and near-to-life scenarios. Moreover, it has a Jinghong Ruiying 3.0 optical image that allows vibrant and stunning colors across various brightness levels. The glasses also come with TUB Rheinland certifications for better colors, eye comfort, low blue light, and much more to provide a more enjoyable user experience to the consumers. 

The glasses feature a very cool-looking red variant, and seven different stickers for consumers to personalize their product. It uses magnesium alloy material that makes it 10% lighter than last year, now at 72g, allowing users to wear the glasses for a longer duration. Moreover, the device has zero pressure air cushion nose pad, for better weight distribution. The glasses come with X Spatial Sound 2.0, providing better mid and low-frequency sounds, and preventing any leakage of sound. 


XREAL Air 2 Pro

According to XREAL, the Air 2 Pro will be the first augmented reality glasses to be mass-produced using electrochromic technology. The electrochromic lenses can be adjusted for various light levels, this gives consumers vibrant indoor and outdoor scenarios. 


The XREAL Beam was initially introduced in June, is now finally in its testing phase. It will be coming with pre-loaded apps from Bibili and iQiyi, which eliminates the need for separate TV subscriptions. Furthermore, the Beam acts as an air mouse for interaction, and controlling apps. 

Price & Availability

The XREAL glasses have been officially released in China and will be going live in a few days. It has various options for users to choose from

  • The XREAL Air 2 is set at 2499 RMB ($342)
  • The XREAL Air 2 Pro version is 2999 RMB ($410)
  • A combo of XREAL Air 2 and XREAL Beam is priced at 3298 RMB ($451)

The glasses and beam seem like a new and immersive experience, would you be getting your hands on the new devices? And what is your favorite among, XREAL Air 2, XREAL Air 2 Pro and XREAL Beam?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)