ZMI Type-C to Type-C Data Cable Released

ZMI USB-C to USB-C Data Cable Debuts: 1.5m, 3A for 19.9 Yuan ($3)

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Today, Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise ZiMi launched the ZMI USB-C to USB-C data cable which is 1.5 meters long, can carry 3A current, also can charge a notebook, all for a price of 19.9 yuan ($3).

ZMI USB-C to USB-C Data Cable – Perfect Companion For QC 4.0+ Chargers

ZMI USB-C to USB-C data cable is a dual USB-C interface. Combined with a ZMI USB charger 65W fast charge version 3, it can charge the new MacBook Pro, Xiaomi notebook. With the ZMI USB Type-C fast charger 18W, it can supply power for USB-C interface smartphones and 10 other ZMI Power Supplies.

ZMI USB-C to USB-C cable further quick charge can be charged to support fast PD intelligent device and can carry up to 60W power and 3A current. So it’s a perfect alternative cable for any QC 4.0/4.0+ charger as well.

ZMI Type-C to Type-C Data Cable Released

Considering the durability, the wire body is wrapped with aluminum foil paper to avoid internal interference between the internal and external lines. It is supplemented by a multi-strand high-strength tin-plated anti-oxidation copper woven fabric, which does not affect the winding or pulling under complicated environment. Normal usage ensures stable transmission.

Built-in PTC thermistor protection, effectively controls the heating problem under abnormal use conditions, to ensure the safe use of wire and smart devices. The Type-C head is of High-quality and has undergone 10,000 insertion force test.

The appearance is classic solid color design, TPE material line body, fine workmanship, and comfortable experience. The interface is made of high-gloss mirror technology, which is beautiful and durable.

Price & Availability

The data cable is available in China through Xiaomi outlets and official website for a price of 19.9 yuan ($3). For global purchase, there’s no store which is selling this product at the moment. We will inform you and add the buying link here, once it’s available. Stay tuned!

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