nubia Neovision Glass

ZTE Nubia NeoVision Glass | See the World Smartly

Then the ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass is the perfect pair of glasses you need. Suppose you are bored with your regular sunglasses and want something trendy that has the technology and looks cool while wearing. It has omnidirectional speakers, a sleek design, a 43-degree field of view, 3500 pixels per inch, and much more. 

Release Highlights

  • The ZTE Nubia Neovision comes with 1800 bits of brightness and a 43-degree field of view.
  • It has a frameless design, magnetic lenses and weighs only 79g.
  • The device has omnidirectional speakers in the stem for an optimal sound experience. 
  • It can be connected to various devices without needing something extra and provides a 120-inch virtual screen.

Design & Appearance

The ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass has a very premium design that makes it unique and eye-catching from far away. It comes with a frameless design and sleek magnetic lenses. ZTE has made sure that the glasses look like standard sunglasses, with not that much bulk and weight. The device can be worn without looking awkward, giving users many functions. 

nubia Neovision Glass

Hardware & Screen 

The ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass offers up to 1800 nits of brightness and a 43º field of view with 3500 pixels per inch. It makes it a decent choice for anyone looking for reasonable smart glasses. Moreover, it comes with 0-500º myopia adjustment. 

The device only weighs 79 grams, making it comfortable enough to wear for longer durations. Furthermore, the device is plug-and-play and can be enjoyed without extra adjustments. It supports connecting tablets, laptops, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and drones. The device can also be connected to phones without a proper DP port and used via a projection box. 

The device also offers a large virtual screen of 120 inches, further increasing functionality. It can be applied to various scenarios, such as personal mobile theatre, mobile gaming centres, office assistants, etc.

nubia Neovision Glass


The ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass has got you covered with the best audio experience. It comes with Hi-Res Audio support with the help of omnidirectional speakers positioned at the stems of the glasses. The sampling rate of the glasses is 44.1kHz and more than 16 bits of depth. All this hardware allows users to enjoy a lossless sound experience. Moreover, the users can also share their private spaces exclusively. 

Price & Availability

The ZTE Nubia Neovision Glass has been released in most parts of the world and is available at a very affordable price. 

  • Priced at $529

What do you think of these smart glasses that can make you look stylish and provide all the necessary functionality? Would you be buying this super cool set of smart glasses?

Source (ZTE)