10 Best Chinese Smartwatches August 2019

10 Best Chinese Smartwatches | August 2019 | Cheap & Trending

Best of China!

Today we bring an excellent recommendation for all those interested in acquiring some of the best smartwatches by the hand of the popular Chinese Brands of this 2019, among some of these brands we can find: Xiaomi, Zeblaze, KingWear, and some others. All these smartwatches have excellent features that go from 2 independent modalities to a heart rate tracker, all this highlight them as high-performance products for any daily activity we want to face. If there is nothing more to say, let’s start!

Note: This list features every worthy smartwatch released till August 2019.


10 Best Chinese Smartwatches of 2019 (August) – Let the Countdown Begin

10) KingWear KC06

KingWear-KC06 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019 1

The KingWear KC06 smartwatch has a 1.3 inch AMOLED display with 360 x 360-pixel resolution, at the same time, supports a splendid touch screen with vivid and SHARP colors. Also, its Hardware section is powered by MTK6737 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB for its internal memory.

KingWear KC06

The KC06 watch is equipped with a 620mAh High voltage Polymer battery, working on standby mode for 90 hours and on working mode for 40 hours. The watch is also equipped with several health monitors that will display detailed information about your physical activity on a daily basis.

Price: $99.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction: 4.5/5

KingWear-KC06 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019 1
Rating KingWear KC06
The Good(s)
IP67 Waterproof
Android OS
Quad-Core SoC
Changeable Straps
Tons of Features (Assist input
Browser etc.)
8 sports mode
Under S100
4G LTE (Micro-SIM)
Good price over performance
The Bad(s)
Not an upgrade over KC05 Pro
No Dual Mode


The LEMFO LEM9 comes with a unique design which is very different from the conventional Android smartwatches, it has a rugged sporty look having a TPU strap and bezels made from aluminum, also, its integrated with two physical buttons on one side as well as a 5MP front camera which can be used for video calls and taking pictures.


Regarding the display screen, the LEMFO LEM9 has a high-resolution 1.39 inch full round AMOLED screen with 454 x 454-pixel resolution. The LEM9 is not just a smartwatch, it can be also used as a smart band thanks to its bracelet mode, allowing us to save battery life for the longest time.

LEMFO LEM 9 screen

As for its hardware, it powered by an MT6739 Quad-core and NRF5284 processors. On the other hand, it has 1GB of RAM capacity and internal memory (ROM) of boasting 16 GB, all this together with its Android 7.1 operating system allows you to run any application without any difficulty.

Price: $159.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction: 5/5

The Good(s)
Dual Chips (Dual OS/Mode)
Global 4G LTE
5 Days Battery
9 Sports Mode
5MP Good Camera Positioning
Waterproof (IP67)
Android 7.1
The Bad(s)
Design Limited to Sports
Can Get Better RAM
Where to Buy?

8) Zeblaze Thor 5 

Zeblaze Thor 5

Thor 5 is one of the latest Zeblaze smartwatch phones, it comes with a dual-chip system (MT6739 Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor + NRF52832) that allows you to easily switch between watch phone mode and smart wristband mode. The first mode supports calls and video chats, while the latter is focused on energy saving. Besides, we cannot forget about its 8.0 MP front camera that guarantees more vivid videos and photos.

zeblaze_thor-5 technosoup
Image Credit: Tehnoscoop

Furthermore, when talking about the wearable design we can mention an excellent AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, highlighting Gorilla Glass 4 protection and a body made of PC + TPU material, making it sturdy and the perfect selection for outdoor activities.

Price: $157.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction: 4.94/5

zeblaze_thor-5 technosoup
Rating Zeblaze Thor 5
The Good(s)
Dual chip
Dual OS
Nice AMOLED display
4G LTE (Global)
1GB more RAM than
Tons of Features (HR
6 sports mode
Clock faces)
Android 7.1
Best camera on a watch
The Bad(s)
1 Day Battery (Smartwatch Mode)
4 days (Bracelet Mode)

7) KingWear KC05 Pro

Moving to the top 3 of our list of 10 best / top Chinese smartwatches from August 2019, at no.2 is KingWear. KingWear aims to become a creative and innovative group focusing on knowing the customer’s needs and leading the fashion trend for smartwatches. For this they have launched multiple collections, in this case, we will evaluate the KingWear KC05 Pro and further, its most recent version in this line of products, the KingWear KC06.

Kingwear KC05 Pro 5G Watch

The KC05 Pro comes in a circular shape with a skin-friendly metal body. The whole device is IP67-rated, which protects it from water splashes and dust. On the other hand, It has a 1.39 inch AMOLED Display screen with 400 x 400 pixels resolution.


Lastly, is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. In combination with the MTK6739 CPU processor, consisting of four A53 cores with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, the watch will cope with multi-tasking operations, quickly and easily.

Price: $160.30 USD

Customer Satisfaction: No review yet

Kingwear KC05 Pro 5G Watch
Rating KingWear KC05 Pro
The Good(s)
IP67 waterproof
Highest 3GB + 32GB configuration
Metal Built
Ultra-thin Bezels
Always on Screen (Multiple Clock faces)
8MP Camera
3 systems GPS
The Bad(s)
Side camera location
App isn't good

6) Kospet Brave 

The Kospet brand is a relatively new player in the smartwatch market. However, it is a worthy candidate to participate among the 10 best Chinese smartwatches 2019, therefore, they enter the list with the Kospet Brave, which combines the functions of an exercise tracker and all the standard features of an Android watch, making it an ideal product for fitness consumers.

Ksopet Brave

The Kospet Brave round case is made of a metal alloy and for its 1.3 inches IPS screen a Gorilla Glass 3 is integrated, which means that it has a protection against scratches and bumps, and at the same time is protected from water and dust according to its IP68 standard certificate, which is quite a rarity for this type of watch.

Ksopet Brave 2

Its built-in battery provides a capacity of 620 mAh, and thanks to the presence of a Nano SIM card, this watch can make: calls, dial a number and send/receive messages. Such features under $100, interesting!

Price: $99.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction: 4.91/5

Ksopet Brave 2
Rating Kospet Brave
The Good(s)
Dual 4G LTE
Android 6.0 OS
Under $100
Waterproof (IP68)
Great App
6 Sports Mode
5 Days Battery
The Bad(s)
Slight older version of Android
Plastic built
No Dual Mode

5) Kospet Optimus Pro 

The Kospet Optimus Pro applies a ceramic watch bezel with high-end materials that has the same texture as a premium brand watch, revealing luxurious feature.

Ksopet Optimus Pro

The Smartwatch uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a screen resolution of 454 X 454 and a PPI of up to 372, which gives you a super clear visual experience. On the side of the watch, it has an 8.0MP camera with clear and bright image quality, convenient for you to record every important moment in your life.

Ksopet Optimus Pro 3
Image Credit: XiaomiToday

Once the normal smartwatch mode is activated, the MTK6739 quad-core processor will be responsible for the calculation of smart applications. On the other hand, when the watch is switched to persistent mode, the NRF52840 Bluetooth chip (lower power consumption) will be in charge of relatively simple data processing, and the watch will be used primarily for more basic functions. The chipset is compatible with a 3 GB ROM + 32 GB RAM, allowing the system to run smoothly and without lag. In fact, it’s one of the few Chinese smartwatches featuring such mid-end configuration.

Price: $159.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction: 4.9/5

Ksopet Optimus Pro
Rating Kospet Optimus
The Good(s)
Watch With Best Configuration (3G + 32GB)
Great App
8MP Camera
One of first smartwatch with Dual 4G LTE
Dual Chip
Dual OS (Android 7.1 + Android Lite)
Ceramic Bezels
1 hour charge (1 week standby)
The Bad(s)
Side camera positioning

4) Amazfit Verge Lite

Getting bucks short on buying Amazfit Verge, well, why not move to a ‘lite’ version of it? The Amazfit brand brings the Amazfit Verge Lite, a smartwatch with a sporty design for the young athletes of this generation, in it we can find a 1.3-inch AMOLED panel with a diameter of 43 mm, a resolution of 360 × 360 pixels and a glass Gorilla Glass 3 on top for its protection.

Amazfit Verge lite 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019 1
Image Credit: Cnet

Being a smart device, the Amazfit Verge Lite features all the essential functions of monitoring physical activity and sleep phases, as well as heart rate monitoring. For sports enthusiasts among us, the latest smartwatch also provides various built-in sports modes, including outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer and exercise. All these mode routes are tracked by the built-in GPS module.

Amazfit Verge lite 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019

The most impressive aspect of the Amazfit Verge lite is its 390 mAh battery, which can easily last up to 18-20 days on a single charge.

Price: $89.99 – $99.99 USD

Customer Satisfaction on GearBest: 4.73/5

Customer Satisfaction on Banggood: 4.55/5

Amazfit Verge lite 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019 1
Rating Amafit Verge Lite
The Good(s)
Minimal Design
Cheapest Premium Smartwatch on the list
Bluetooth 5.0
Sony GPS chip (Dual GPS)
40 hours constant tracking
7 sports mode
Tons of features
Mi Fit App
20 Days of Battery
The Bad(s)
No Android OS
Not an independent watch

3) Huami Amazfit GTR

The Huami Amazfit GTR is characterized by a variety of materials and autonomy while highlighting a classy and sleek design for a traditional watch look. Amazfit GTR is a complete line of devices, with three basic versions: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and titanium. Depending on the model the diameter and resolution of the AMOLED screen can be 1.39 inches and 454 x 454 pixels or 1.2 inches and 390 x 390 pixels.


Like the previous watch, the Amazfit GTR also has built-in sports modes (in this case 12): outdoor/indoor running, walking, outdoor/indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, pool / open water swimming, mountaineering, trail running, skiing, and exercising. Perhaps we should also point out the fact that it has a built-in GPS + GLONASS which is more accurate than satellites, to precisely track your routes.


Note: It’s available in 42mm and 47mm size variants and a wide color choice.

Price: $129.99 instead of $139.99 USD (42mm), $149.99 USD (47mm)

Customer Satisfaction: 4.8/5

Huami-Amazfit-2 Avengers Edition
Rating Amazfit GTR
The Good(s)
2 sports mode (swimming mode added)
5ATM Water-resistant
Best Display on a Watch (326PPI)
12 and 24 Days battery
42mm and 47mm
Sony GPS Chip
Self-developed DualHeaTeck technology for 24/7 HR
6 axis acceleration sensor
PPG Optical HR sensor
Air pressure
Ambient Light
Capacity Sensor
5 - 7 days Weather forecast
Classic look with leather strap
Mi Fit App
Bluetooth 5.0
The Bad(s)
No Android OS
No Dual Mode

2) Huami AMAZFIT Verge 2

Huami-Amazfit-2 Avengers Edition
Amazfit 2 Avengers Edition

The Amazfit Verge 2 uses microcrystalline zirconium ceramics for its body, bringing a more textured appearance, but also effectively improve the strength of the product compared to the GTR. One of the product upgrades is a 1.39in AMOLED dazzling screen with 454 X 454 resolution and PPI up to 326.


The Smartwatch can monitor PPG arrhythmias as well as ECG arrhythmias, making it an all-rounder for your heart’s health. With the watch, you can get an ECG scan in just about 60 seconds, and can also avail a professional’s reading of the data through the Mi-Fit Health App. A true healthwear and a smartwatch considering features and built quality, and the best true smartwatch in the list of 10 best Chinese smartwatches 2019.

Price: $199.99 (Pre-Order, Yet to Arrive)

Customer Satisfaction: No review yet

Rating Amazfit Verge 2
The Good(s)
Best Built Material (microcrystalline zirconium ceramics)
Monitor PPG arrhythmias as well as ECG arrhythmias (ECG version)
Independent working (Bluetooth 5.0
10 Sports Mode
2.5D Water Glass Screen
Snapdragon Wear 2500 SoC
The Bad(s)
Not waterproof
No Android OS
Supports eSIM only
1GB available storage instead of 4GB

1) Xiaomi Mijia Quartz

We cannot finish this “Best Chinese Smartwatches 2019 list” without one product from the Xiaomi brand, in this case, the Xiaomi Mijia Quartz.

Xiaomi Mijia Quatz 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019

The watch Comes in a very nice and classic appearance, the mirror of the watch is fabricated from mineral coated glass which ensures rugged use (3 times harder than sapphire), features a large 1.5 inch round glass screen, which easily renders high-resolution images.

Xiaomi Mijia Quatz 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019 1

The device is powered by a CR2430 battery and Bluetooth 4.0 chip, low consumption and fast-paced for the connection. With this combo, the watch can last for more than 6 months without charging. Once the battery is exhausted, you only need to disassemble and replace the battery. What’s truly smart is that behind the skin of the classical designer watch from ‘Mijia’ there’s a personal fitness expert. It might not have a Dual-Mode, 4G, and Android OS, however, for the audience seeking a combination of traditional elegance, premium built, and the necessary features of a smartwatch and a healthwear, Mijia Quartz tops the list.

Price: $71.99 – $86.33

Customer Satisfaction in Gearbest: 4.4/5

Customer Satisfaction in Gearbest: 4.9/5

Xiaomi Mijia Quatz 10 best chinese smartwatches 2019
Rating Xiaomi Mijia Quartz
The Good(s)
Designer Watch
Classical Traditional Look
Double Leather Strap
Water-drop arc design
Slim and minimal
Wrist-Lift Pedometer Visibility
6 months of battery
3 ATM water-resistant
Time Zone Auto-calibration
Dual Dial
Mi Fit App
Under $80
The Bad(s)
No Android OS
No HR sensor
No AMOLED display
Not independent

Brief conclusion:

We have presented some of the latest Chinese Smartwatches this year, many of them have been oriented to integrate 2 microprocessors into their devices, turning them into a dual-mode device, this means: they guarantee optimal processing for all operations performed by a Smartphone or on the contrary makes them an energy saver to prolong the useful life of the battery. On the other hand, the fitness lifestyle is booming and these watches have adapted to it, providing them with an ideal design and construction that, in turn, stand out with a classic or practical style. Finally, it is well known that there is a great trend regarding selfies and that is why smartphones make it much easier since many of them (mentioned above) have cameras up to 8 MP, clear enough for a perfect shot.

Disclaimer: We have carefully examined all the Chinese smartwatches in the market and came up to this conclusion. Remember, these are the top Chinese smartwatches, not the cheapest one around. We have also added affiliate links after finding the best price of the watch. If you are interested in buying a watch from the list please buy from our link in order to support us.

Hope you loved our list of 10 best Chinese smartwatches of August 2019. Did we miss any entry? Let us know.

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10 Best Chinese Smartwatches August 2019
10 Best Chinese Smartwatches | August 2019 | Cheap & Trending
Here's the list of the 10 best Chinese smartwatches from the start of 2019 to August including popular brands such as Xiaomi, Huami, Kospet, and so on.
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