5 Incredible Benefits of Push Notification For Your Business

Having a business has never been easy, and it is more difficult nowadays, knowing that there are millions of people in the market that could be selling the same products as you. Because of this, you have to find a way to stand out from everyone… And that could be done with the use of push notifications. Here we will show you 5 incredible benefits of push notifications for your business!

What Is A Push Notification?

Before knowing the benefits of push notifications, we must first understand what push notifications are. In a general definition, these are those pop-up messages that appear on smartphones after entering an app or a website, which have many functions that can be extremely positive for the business’s growth.

Although at first they were used as simple reminders, they are currently used to connect with users, and to create that link between potential buyers and the company.


Push Notification vs SMS vs In-app Notification

Push notifications are often compared a lot to two other phone features: SMS and in-app notification. First of all, push notifications are short messages sent from a particular app that reaches the user after having interacted with it, which usually appear on the home screen of the device and are aimed at attracting the customer’s attention to return them to the app.

On the other hand, SMS (or short messaging services), is an option where you can send messages up to 160 characters in length straight to customers’ phones. The biggest difference between this means of communication and others is that you must have knowledge of the person’s private telephone number, either by the company or by someone else.

Lastly, and as its name indicates, in-app notifications, just like Reteno in-app messages, are small notifications that appear to users while inside the application, and are generally used to highlight something specific, or to guide the user through the application in a simpler way.


5 Benefits of Push Notification For Your Business

1) They can be used to sell specific or special products

By having a special app, which is what push notifications are connected to, it will serve as a catalog of the products found in a company. From the oldest to the newest, going by prices and categories. While this is great, it can come with a downside, which is that new products or specific products could get lost in the crowd.

Promoting specific or special products is of the utmost importance for a business, not only because this will help more people get to know it and be interested in buying it, but also, as has been seen on some occasions, a company can become recognized and insanely popular due to a single product, so focusing on a few of them could be the best option in such a competitive market.


2) Knowing public opinion is of vital importance

Since push notifications are used to connect with different users, since they can respond to them, they can be used to improve aspects of the business or merchandise if necessary. If any user has a complaint, a case study could be made to see if there have been more problems among users, in order to eliminate the error and make everything work correctly.

This will not only help the person in question fix their problem, but it will also help prevent more problems like this from happening in the future thus keeping a good legal image.

3) A larger number of users can be reached

In order to reach the users, various means can be used, email being the most popular; however, this comes with some drawbacks, as the user can simply unsubscribe and forget about it. With push notifications this does not happen, since no subscription is required and the users only need to have the app installed, so messages can be sent to all users.

With that being said, it must be clarified that the fact that unlimited messages can be sent does not mean that intrusive communication should be allowed.


4) Users can be maintained using their personal tastes

As in many cases, the apps of the different businesses work thanks to the use of algorithms: this is a technology that will make information about their tastes appear to the user, all depending on what they are looking for. Using information provided by the client, as well as their various searches or requests, push notifications can be created that are specifically made to resonate with the user’s tastes, in order to attract their attention.

Using this, the user can be notified when there is a specific event, or when a product they might like is being presented or sold.

5) Users can be kept up to date with diverse news

Who said that users cannot be provided with daily news? Using this method, and the user’s information and preferences, by providing information to people that are not necessarily related to the app, you can break a bit of the pattern of monotony that the push notification can sometimes have, which can be annoying and can make that some users stop using the app and forget about business.


Best Push Notifications Practices

  • Always put information that is accurate and easy to read.
  • Be frequent with notifications, but without harassing users.
  • Adapt to different devices and the way in which notifications appear on them.
  • Make sure to ask permission in a soft and sweet way so as not to scare off users.
  • Write in an appropriate way and do not use many signs or emojis.
  • Create incentives for users.
  • Provide promotions and discounts.


Do push notifications use data?

Yes, Push notification uses data but it’s minimal. The maximum data allowed for apps to send is only 2kb per notification.

Do push notifications cost money?

Yes and no. Many push notification systems do allow you to send a limited number of push notifications for free. However, once your business starts growing, large numbers of push notifications can cost you money.

Do push notifications drain battery?

Yes, push notifications to drain batteries but don’t directly by turning them on. Every time a push notification is sent your phone vibrates and in many phones, the screen also turns on by default. This is how the battery gets drained.

Can push notifications be intercepted?

No, push notifications can’t be intercepted.

What do you think of this list of 5 incredible benefits of push notifications for your business? Do you think push notifications would be enough for your business? Let us know in the comments!