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Grab AELEC Bluetooth Headphones for $17.93 (28% Off) (Coupon)

It’s not every day that you stumble upon Amazon and discover a product worthy of trying. A product which has a great promotion going on. That’s what happened to us when we saw the AELEC Bluetooth Headphones deal. Usually, in a buy one get one free deal, we get two units at a price of one unit. However, here the case is even better. Apart from getting a Bluetooth speaker free, we also get a stupendous 28% discount on the AELEC Bluetooth Headphones with the coupon codes given below.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones Featured

Let’s dive into the details of AELEC Bluetooth Headphones to know whether it’s worthy of spending even that much or not:

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones – IPx4 and Noise Canceling Gets Real Under $20

Design & Appearance

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones inherits the latest in-ear sports headphones layout. Those are the type probably suitable for sports activities. The headphones molds from plastic rather than metal as you won’t have the premium feeling of the metal headphones. However, sports headphones are designed to be light for best comfort that’s why we witness the use of plastic which doesn’t feel cheap at all. For this price, the plastic built is acceptable. The headphones are way more comfortable thanks to the perfect silicone earbud sizes with different attachments.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones Accessories

The wire appears to be flat rather than the traditional circular one which connects both earpieces. Flat wire design is way durable than the traditional circular one. We read some reviews, and so far we heard only one complaint that the sound disrupted while moving it in a specific direction, otherwise it just returns back to normal. If some technical fault appears then don’t worry not as the headphones have 1-YEAR HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY along with 30 days of customer satisfaction guarantee. It’s available on Amazon, so nothing to worry about.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones earbuds

Furthermore, the chassis is tightly sealed, making it sweatproof and dustproof (IPx4). However, it isn’t waterproof which is fine concerning the price.

The color available is one of the pros of the AELEC Bluetooth Headphones. It’s available in three exciting colors: Black, Blue, and Lime Green colors.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones 1

Sound Quality & Features

Let’s be honest here! The sound quality of these headphones is similar to the typical cheap $20 headphones when the volume is low. However, the more the volume is increased, the more exciting it gets. At high volume, you can probably feel the deep bass. Deep bass is something which is a must in a sports headphone and this one is no exception.

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AELEC Bluetooth Headphones features Noise-Canceling effect. However, it’s not that much effective when it comes to in-ear headphones. Because the design of in-ear headphones also reduces the noise in the background. But one thing is sure, when you turn NC on, the background noise in the music decreases somewhat but not at that level. At medium volume, you can’t hear the noise around you.

Connectivity & Battery

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones connects via Bluetooth. The connection is strong because under the hood we have the Bluetooth 4.1 module. The maximum range is around 20 feet, after that the headphones disconnects automatically.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones connectivity

The battery life of the headphones is quite amazing and one of the pros. Despite the small size, the headphones last 7 hours on a single charge. It’s surprising as the volume is high as well as the connectivity is strong and we have the NC feature as well. We doubt that it won’t have overcurrent protection so don’t leave them charging for hours. It will only take 1 – 2 hours to charge to 100% and the LED light disappears when completely charged.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones Battery

Specification Sheet

ModelBluetooth Headphones Sports
Dimensions3.5 x 4 x 1.7 in
Weight14.1748 grams
EarpieceEDR technology
FeaturesNoise Canceling, Sweatproof
Battery7 hours
Accessories1 x Case
1 x Headphones
1 x Charging Cable
3 x sets of earbuds and attachments
1 x User manual

Pros & Cons


  1. Great Price
  2. Noise-canceling enabled
  3. Great Sound at High Volume
  4. Battery Life


  1. A little bit heavy
  2. Noise Canceling not that much effective

Price & Availability

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones, you can purchase them from The original price of these headphones is $22.99-$25.99, depending upon the color you select. However, you can get a stupendous discount of 28% or a FREE Bluetooth speaker with these coupon codes:


AELEC Bluetooth Headphones Coupon and Discount

NOTE: You can either get an Aelec Bluetooth Speaker for free or 28% on Aelec Bluetooth Headphones.

So, you will get AELEC Bluetooth Headphones at a price of $17.93 or a free Aelec Bluetooth Speaker. Hurry, the offer is limited to only 100 units.

Here’s the link to the store: