Aliexpress black friday 2023 sale in store coupons

AliExpress Black Friday 2023 Guide | Coupon Codes | Date

Even though 11.11 is the most popular event on Aliexpress, the Black Friday sale is another opportunity to avail discounts and coupon codes that ran out during the 11.11 sale. This time Aliexpress has made Black Friday similar to 11.11 because of the same promos happening, including spend & save and a 50% discount on products. Here’s a guide to show you how you can get the best discounts on this AliExpress Black Friday.

See our previous 11.11 guide as well as last year’s black Friday guide to check what is different this time.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers typically offer steep discounts during this annual shopping holiday to kick off the holiday season. Black Friday has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It’s common for retailers to offer special promotions online and in-store on Black Friday.

Aliexpress black friday 2023 sale

What Is the Date For AliExpress Black Friday 2023?

AliExpress Black Friday 2022 will start from 23 November to 29 November. This time it’s a 7-day event. There’s also the teaser/warm-up date when the prices and discounts of products on Black Friday are revealed which is 20 November to 22 November.

Aliexpress Black Friday 2023 – What’s New?

So we have four promos going on:

  1. 50% off on products
  2. Spend and Save $4 off on every $20 spent (max $16)
  3. Merge Boss
  4. Exclusive Aliexpress Black Friday and Store Coupons

1) 50% off on Products

Instead of the absurd 90% discount last time, Aliexpress decided to make it a bit real by dropping the discount percentage to 50% (even if they are showing up to 70% on the main page). Worry not, it’s still a bit unreal but not as crazy as it was last year. It’s a nice way to attract customers.

They aren’t actually 50% off in reality but the prices of these products are almost similar to ordinary days. Aliexpress is notorious for increasing product prices a few days before the event. You can track the price of a product throughout the entire year on (it’s around 70% accurate) but gives you an estimate of the price trend.

2) $4 off on every $20 spent (max $16)

One of the best things about events on Aliexpress is the spend & save promo which helps you to get discounts on high-priced products and even collective shopping of different low-priced products.

Thankfully, this time instead of $4 off on every $30 with a max stack of only $12, it’s much better now with $4 off on every $20 spent with a max stack of $16. This can be stacked up to a max of $16 off on a bill total of $80. After that, you can place another order to take advantage of the promo again.

3) Merge Boss

This game appeared in the warm-up period of 11.11 and disappeared after the sale started. However, this time even after the sale has started this game is still available.

This year’s featured game ‘Merge Boss’ is a simulation, management, and casual game like My Cafe. It does bring some freshness instead of seeing the old GoGo match and money hop.

It’s limited to the mobile app users. The user has to collect specific points to get some dollars off. Thankfully, it doesn’t have any Aliexpress or store coupons or using it on 99% off items or coins confusion. Just play and collect points for pure discounts.

Scoring such points will take some time since you have limited energy to generate electronics and plates which can be increased by doing some tasks and inviting friends. The energy regeneration would only be after you invite friends.

Aliexpress merge boss black friday 2023

When you reach certain points you also get this lottery ticket as well to participate in a draw.

Aliexpress merge boss black friday 2023 lucky draw

The points can be redeemed for:

  • Flat coupons (6 of them) for points
Aliexpress merge boss black friday 2023 coupons

4) Exclusive Aliexpress Black Friday and In-Store Coupons

Finally, apart from the $3 off on $20, what makes the Black Friday event special is the exclusive Aliexpress coupons and in-store coupons.

On AliExpress we have two types of coupons: AliExpress site-wide and in-store. The Aliexpress site-wide coupons come in two forms as well, one as a coupon code and the other as a flat coupon. So for some time, Aliexpress has removed the flat coupon and now we are left with only coupon codes.

Let’s start with the Store coupons. Stores do provide exclusive coupons for this Black Friday. They are similar to the coupons shown below:

Aliexpress black friday 2023 sale in store coupons

Combining Aliexpress coupon codes and flat coupons along with in-store coupon work in mysterious ways. Last time on 11.11, I tried to get the lowest price for products while applying the combination with the $4 off on every $20. On a few products, the coupon codes were not working. The reason was either “all being used” or “below the total amount needed for the coupon to apply”. You can try combining them in any way possible with different coupon codes and multiple tries as well.

Aliexpress black friday 2023 in store compuons

Update: To make in-store and Aliexpress coupon codes work together, first apply the Aliexpress code and then apply the in-store code.

Tip: Look for coupon codes in images provided by sellers on a specific product page.

5) Coins & Cashback

Looks like we have the coins applicable as well. They appear when you select the discounts and coupons section of the product. For cashback, you can use any third-party app.

Unlike 11.11, sellers’ discounts aren’t available.

5) How To Get The Lowest Price (The Ultimate Saving Tactic)

What makes Black Friday special and boosts sales is not the single promos mentioned above, but the combination of different promos on a single order which is:

Merely discounted black friday products + $4 off on every $20 spent (max $16) + Aliexpress coupon code or In-store coupon + Coins and cashback (third party) if available = THE ULTIMATE DISCOUNT

I got a discount of $39.55 dollars on a weight scale.

Aliexpress black friday 2023 best discount

Landing Pages For Aliexpress Black Friday 2022

Disclaimer: The Phone Talks relies on affiliate earnings to pay its expenses. We provide unbiased reviews, comparisons, news, and deals. Please consider buying any product you like on the website from the affiliate links provided.

Coupons For Black Friday 2023 on Aliexpress

Disclaimer: The Phone Talks relies on affiliate earnings to pay its expenses. We provide unbiased reviews, comparisons, news, and deals. Please consider buying any product you like on the website from the affiliate links provided.

Codes for Global Buyers

Available for countries EXCEPT for UA, MX, RU, AE, UZ, BH, KR, AM, KW, FR, SA, ES, KZ, QA, BR, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, OM, US

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $6$45BF8
US $10$80BF10
US $20$150BF20
US $50$300BF50
US $80$450BF80

For Brazil

Warm-up: 2023. 11.20 5:00:00 – 11.22 4:59:59 BRT

Sale time: 2023. 11.23 5:00:00 – 11.30 4:59:59 BRT

Main page

Key Benefits

  • Mais de R$10 milhões em cupons, Ganhe R$20 a cada R$100 em compras (máx. R$80)
  • Produtos choice com frete grátis e entrega em até 10 dias, Até 80% off
ValueMinimum spendCode Name
R$400$2400 BFAFF400

Valid from Nov 23, 05:00:00 BRT to Nov 30, 04:59:59 BRT


Warm Up: 2023.11.20 – 2023.11.22 PST

Sale: 2023.11.23 – 2023.11.29 PST

Main page

Key Benefits

  • Up to 90% off
  • $4 off every $20 (max $16 per order)
ValueMinimum spendCode Name

US (new customers)

ValueMinimum spendCode Name


Calientamento: 20/11/2023 09:00 – 23/11/2023 08:59:59

Periodo de la campaña: 23/11/2023 09:00 – 30/11/2023 08:59:59

Cyber Monday: 27/11/2023 09:00 – 30/11/2023 08:59:59

Beneficios claves

  • Hasta 70% to
  • -4€ dto. automatico en cada 20€ (máx. 16 € de dto.)
ValueMinimum spendCode Name

For France

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name

Codes valid for products on the landing page from 2023/11/23 00:00:00 – 2023/11/29 23:59:59 PST

For SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QA

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
20 SAR175 SARGCC20
35 SAR310 SARGCC40
75 SAR580 SARGCC80
150 SAR965 SARGCC150
305 SAR1735 SARGCC300

For South Korea

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $5$4523AEBF05
US $10$8023AEBF10
US $20$15023AEBF20
US $30$30023AEBF30
US $60$45023AEBF60

For Ukraine

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $6$45UABF8 or UABF6
US $10$80UABF10
US $20$150UABF20
US $50$300UABF50
US $80$450UABF80

For Mexico

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $20$150MXBFSALE20
US $50$300MXBFSALE50
US $80$450MXBFSALE80

Happy Shopping!