AI Essay Writing Vs Copywriters | Tech vs Human

Over the years, technology has helped us advance as a society, in a social, student, and work way. Apps and internet sites have been developed to facilitate certain tasks, although with the various technological advances it has been possible to achieve a way out that could be much simpler: artificial intelligence. Being able to do great things, could it be able to surpass the human being? We will see this in this AI Essay Writing Vs Copywriters in-depth comparison.

What is AI Essay Writing?

In case you didn’t know, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that, through programming, attempts to replicate the reasoning and logical abilities of human beings. Since the beginning of its development, incredible achievements have been achieved, which have given positive results in aspects such as science and the media, so it was expected that, soon, it would begin to be instilled in almost every aspect of daily life.

AI Essay Writing is basically the use of artificial intelligence in the essay writing process, being able to create, develop and carry out the writing of school papers at different levels, as well as for different business positions. This is not only in charge of looking for information related to the essay that must be written, but also, automatically, writes it according to the requirements that are specified, in addition to trying to improve the already existing information for future works that have to be done by both AI technology or humans.


What is Copywriting?

Having talked about AI Essay Writing, there is its opponent on this occasion, Copywriting. Being a little more inclined towards the world of marketing and sales made digitally, but still being used in different aspects where digital writing is needed, Copywriting is a writing technique that is focused and, whose purpose is to persuade users of different platforms and different products.

The main function of a copywriter, which are the people who work in this branch, is to write advertising texts in a creative and informative nature, always trying to persuade users to generate as many sales as possible, in addition to also having the responsibility of creating creative concepts according to the standards that society occupies, as well as the era that is being talked about.

Professional essay writing service also exists where there are many copywriters working together.


Pros and Cons of both

AI Essay Writing


  • Good results can be obtained for a lower price.
  • Being completely linked to the internet, more pages and possibly necessary data can be analyzed.
  • The waiting time is low.
  • It provides the user free time since it takes care of doing all the work.


  • Technology has many errors.
  • It can be a random content generation.
  • Being something that is in constant development, it could present some problems.
  • If it is not developed correctly, the quality of the results will be negative.
  • Many people see artificial intelligence as something dangerous for society.
  • It is one of the causes of the increase in staff dismissals.
  • It tends to deal with issues in a more global than specific way.



  • A huge number of topics and topics can be talked about.
  • There is the possibility of maintaining direct communication from person to person.
  • Corrections can be made and the reasons behind them can be explained.
  • More attention is paid to small but necessary details.
  • It gives the freedom to deal with a topic in a timelier manner.
  • The market is full of people with high academic degrees: high school, university, doctorates, and masters.


  • Being human beings, they can make mistakes of different kinds.
  • It can have a high price.
  • Some waiting times can be long for some people.
  • Sometimes, finding the right copywriter can be difficult.
  • Some copywriters have trouble communicating with users.

Problems With AI Essay Writing

Although for some people working with AI Essay Writing technology is a great and quick solution to their school or work problems, the reality is that it brings with it some problems, related to different aspects.

One of the most important points is the user’s security, since, while being a technology, it can be hacked and programmed to act in a particular way; Not only will this result in shoddy work, but the personal and computer information provided could be at risk. Likewise, and being programmed by people, they could configure the service according to idealisms or beliefs that they have, avoiding information or placing specific information on a certain aspect.

Also, and being a problem for thousands of people around the world, we have unemployment. Taking into account that it can be developed by people with technological knowledge and that it can be used in almost any field, it is not surprising that large companies decided to start working with it, even if this results in the dismissal of human personnel. This is because the work can be done by one machine instead of multiple people, and the costs are much lower for the business as a whole.

At the moment, AI essay writing isn’t as accurate as copywriting. AI usually randomly scraps content over the internet related to a keyword, rewrites it, and generates content related to that keyword. The sequence of paragraphs is not accurate along with the content generation.

Finally, there is one of the biggest problems related to the use of this technology is about the ethics and the way in which it is developed. This is the most important thing in a job since they are the bases of the results that will be obtained. Since it is technology, it will only try to fulfill its objective, without being aware of what is positive or negative, or good or bad. Also, it must be remembered that being based on machines, these can make mistakes, such as random content generation, this being the main problem that can arise.


Winner: Copywriters/Copywriting/Human (at the moment).

Although the use of technology is something that has brought many positive things to human beings, it may have some design or development problems, which will be evidenced in its general operation. Now, although it is true that human beings are not perfect and they also make mistakes, the reality is that, by having a developed intelligence and being in a constant learning process, the results obtained may be more favorable for the user who needs some service.

This reality may change one day, with the improvement of technology, but until then, human beings will be ahead of technology.


What do you think of this AI Essay Writing vs Copywriters competition? Which of the two do you think is better, or more worthwhile? Let us know your opinion in the comments!