S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner – AI route planning under $150

As the world advances, pollution and dirt also increase, the atmosphere is filled with pollutants that make your places filthy. The need for cleaning your windows comes up after every short passage of time. Alfawise knows how hard it is for you to keep your windows clean. So, they launched Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner to keep it all clean. It helps you save your hard-earned money and frees you from all the hard work. Then you can spend your time and money to where ever you want. Why is it better than the other cleaners robots out there, because of AI, better price,

Design & Appearance

The Chinese company might be giving low-end prices but not low-end design. Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner is available in only white color which makes it somewhat camouflage and not as apparent as a big black bug to scare off people. It only weighs as low as 1.14kg. Its dimensions are as 27.00 x 13.80 x 8.20cm which seem to be small but can clean any size of the window.

It is equipped with two grey fur rotated cleaning pads on its back. Which can provide a 40kg/cm cleaning torque of power? Its fiber cloth is equipped with 12 high-density fiber cloth, it prevents your valuable windows to no get scratched. This product comes with a 142kg of bearing capacity with an ultra-long safety rope. Which helps it to become more reliable and value for money.

Hardware & Battery Life

Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner is made with top-notch Japanese machinery which makes it top of its game. It contains Smart ARM & SLAM Algorithm. It provides the machine the opportunity to work on its own with AI Route Planning. So, you need not worry about anything at all. Just turn on the window cleaner and it will do its magic. Moreover, for safety purposes, they have provided the cleaner to suck off the windows for 20 Minutes even after the battery runs out.

Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner

It might be a small device but packs a built-in 650mAh which can provide a rotating speed of 80rpm. This only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge this device and can last for a long period. It powers the 2 rotating pads to work for 3 Minutes per Square Meter so it provides a faster cleaning experience for the user.

Functions & Functionality

There is no full stop to the list of functions and functionalities that Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner provides it, users. It is equipped with a Japanese imported brushless motor that saves your windows from scratching and gives them a longer life. It also does its magic very silently by only making 65dB of sound. This will not disturb your office meetings or your homely activities. It can be useful on different surfaces such as Rough Glass, Mosaic Glass, Tile/ Marble or any Smooth Surface.

Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner

Moreover, It is only 8.2cm Ultra-Thin so can be useful also for window glass with metal security windows. This product also built-in frame and anti-fall sensor, which prevents it from falling from the walls or windows. It can be used with the help of button and remote control, which makes it usable even when you are not near to it.

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Pros & Cons


  • Rotating Speed 80 RPM
  • Clean Torque 40kg/cm
  • 650mAh battery
  • Button and Remote Control


  • No Aluminium
  • Single Color
  • No Lights for Battery Usage

Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner

Our Verdict

We all know how much cleanliness is important in our daily lives. If any product can provide us with a clean house without any hassle so we should go for the product. This product helps you live an easy and peaceful life.

Price & Availability

The window cleaner you can buy in only white color at the best price of $149.99 from GEARBEST. Here’s the link to the store in the button below: