Android 10

Android 10 Dark Mode Will Save Up to 50% of Smartphone’s Battery

Earlier, Google said that it is preparing for the new Android Q, and the Android 10 dark mode will finally become a feature.

The dark mode, in simple words, allow users to play the phone at night without glare and reduce eye strain. At the same time, it also takes advantage of the characteristics of black pixels not emitting light. Thus it cooperates with the adaptive battery to improve the battery life of smartphones, achieving a power saving effect.

Android 10 Dark Mode

Recently, PhoneArena tested this mode with Google Pixel 3. The screen was set to a fixed normal brightness, and then switch the default appearance of the phone interface to a dark theme, while executing the phone book, dialing, recent call lists, and settings menus,  Google quick search, and scrolling through search results.

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Android 10 Dark Mode – The Surprising Results

The power analysis shows that the basic application that comes with the phone saves up to 50% of the power. When applying dark mode, browsing the interface and basic applications on Pixel 3 can reduce power consumption by 30%. At the same time, Android 10 dark mode can also affect the power consumption of third-party applications, saving up to 20% of the battery.

Android 10 Q Dark Mode Battery Consumption

From the test, the bright display is the greatest cause of battery drainage. The battery drains faster especially when the application chooses to display black text on a white background.

Therefore, PhoneArena believes that the dark mode in Android Q can achieve the effect of extending the battery life of the OLED smartphones.

Source (PhoneArena)